4 key steps in B2B marketing

Key steps in B2B marketing

13 Jan 4 key steps in B2B marketing

While B2C digital marketing unstoppably grows and millions of consumers and brands interact on social media, B2B businesses often struggle to find a way to profit from this new paradigm and take advantage of all the benefits that internet can bring.

After all, B2B companies work for other companies and don’t need “likes” or retweets. The most important marketing B2B goals can be summed up as: selling, getting more contacts and reaching the Purchasing Manager at the right moment

The revolution of the buying process

The digital revolution has changed the consumer behaviour forever. Also for B2B businesses: 54% of the purchases start with internet searches, and 60% of buying decisions are taken before the sales department is even contacted by the customer. It is increasingly difficult to reach companies through cold calls, and nowadays it is often the customer who makes the first contact.

1. Attract strangers to your website

Buyers are more and more informed. Internet allows them to know their sector news in real time, and they are always learnig about the new advances, equipment and processes that can make their business more competitive.

B2B buying processes are usually long and complex. They may take months and sometimes years, but with a good strategy we can significantly shorten them.

If we want to them to ask us for a quote first, we must turn ourselves into the information source that they need.

First of all, we need a good research of the market, the customer journey and the keywords used by professionals when they search information about products and services. With these results, we’ll design search engine advertising campaigns and we’ll create value-added content that we’ll disseminate through blogs, newsletters, videos and social media.

The goal is to create value-added content that positions our website among the top results of an online search. To succeed, it is essential to have an active blog that perfectly answers the needs of our potential customers, with SEO optimized posts that center the social media activity.

But we must not limit ourselves to written contents. Visual and voice contents are now increasingly effective.
Infographics are a very effective complement in any post, and it can even go viral.
Video consumption grows everyday, and YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google. Also in B2B marketing.
▪ Podcasting is also one of the rising trends in B2B content, and it already reaches thousands of listeners in the American market.

2. Convert your visitors into contacts

In this second phase you must optimize your website and offer interesting and valuable contents to turn it into a lead machine. In marketing, a lead is a person who has left his/her data in a website form and, as a result, is included in the company’s data base.

To get more contacts, you must include in your website elements that urge visitors to give you his/her data. That is: strategic content that draws his attention and differentiates us from our competitors. It must be downloadable in exchange of filling a form with personal and professional data. It can be guides, infographics, ebooks, successful cases, webinars, microlearning capsules…

3.  Transform your contacts into real customers

At this point the lead has already decided to leave us his data, but you have to give him a final push so that he does choose your product or service. Now it is the moment to show your know-how so that your brand is first on his mind when thinking of your industry or category.

A good way to achieve this is helping your leads by giving them advise so that they know your products better.

• This must be a specific content, rich in data, that stands out from the competitors.

• You can also offer free demonstrations and consultancy with a sales agent.

• In a periodic newsletter, we can show them successful cases, demo videos…

With every interaction that the user makes with your content, you will obtain more information about their interests and needs, thus defining the main features of every single contact in your data base.

4. Gain your customers loyalty and turn them into prescribers

Winning a new customer is hard, so you must strive to offer an excellent experience that encourages him to buy from you again and turns him into a prescriber.

B2B business is usually a long term relationship. You can feed this relationship by keeping your customers informed about new releases of software updates, legislative changes or demos of new products that promote cross-selling.

Other loyalty strategies for B2B products are:
• Training.
• Specialized programs for partners.
• Tailor-made discounts for each customer, depending on its profitability.
• Incentives for big purchases.
• Invitation to exclusive events.
• A exclusive intranet where customers can buy, bind their invoices, orders, follow up, etc.

We at Intracon are specialists in B2B marketing and can guide and help you through this whole process. Let’s speak! 

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