4 SEO tips to poll position your website

14 Apr 4 SEO tips to poll position your website

So, you´ve got a website. It has most likely cost you a lot of time, effort, and money to develop.

What happens now?

The mantra that if you don’t appear on Google, you don’t exist should be echoing in your head.

Don´t panic just yet! Here are four great tips to position your website and make it appear on the first pages of the world’s most dominant search engine.

For example, sake, we are going to assume that as a professional web designer has created the website for you. Therefore it is a responsive website; that is, it has a web design adaptable to the device that is being used on(PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). It also has been configured in such a way that SEO optimization has been taken into account.

So, if you can tick those preliminary tasks off (if not, we highly recommend you begin with the basics.)

Let´s get into it.

  1. Pay to position

If you need fast positioning, this is your best option. You can undergo AdWords campaigns through Google Ads. They consist of advertising campaigns in which you choose the keywords that your potential customers will search for content in Google, to appear as one of those top sites to click on. Depending on the sector and how “demanded” those words are, it will cost you to position yourself (and, of course, more or less money to obtain poll position).

  1. Good content always positions well

If you want to obtain organic positioning (achieved without doing advertising campaigns), The creation of quality content is the key, quality content that answers the doubts and concerns of your ideal targeted audience. You should, therefore, create content that responds and provides a solution to a common “problem” How do smart appliances work? How do we perceive our own reality? A good technique for content creation is knowing how to use the art of storytelling to connect with your audience.

You should always keep your audience in mind, but don’t forget about Google! Remember that your articles should have a word count greater than 300 if they reach up to 1,000 words, upload it on your website following the indications of SEO optimization and share it on social networks to help its dissemination.

  1. SEO off-page

Another way to improve the positioning of your website is through SEO off-page actions, activating a series of tactics to obtain external links that point to your website and thus improve the organic positioning in search engines.

Again, having a blog with useful content is the key to attract traffic and generate interest for other blogs and websites to link to your site. Also, then use social networks to viralize this content.

Another tactic is link building. That is, getting other websites to link off to your website, so search engines consider it relevant and position it better in the rankings. The technique can be done naturally, when other websites with similar interests link back to your website or manually, contacting the administrators of the pages to seek a standard agreement with the exchange. There are also automatisms to achieve this with spam-type methods, but we do not recommend this, because they are increasingly persecuted and punished by Google.

  1. User ratings

Finally, our last tip is not to forget to get good reviews from your audience. Reviews, on Google or Facebook, help poll position your website and they can convince future audiences to decide and make a purchase from your site. And here at Intracon we are a testament to that ourselves, testimonials have been fabulous, and if you have doubts here, you can see why they work so well.

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