4 Tips on How to Lead the Marketing World

30 May 4 Tips on How to Lead the Marketing World

Consumer behavior has changed. In this era of information overload, it’s no surprise that our attention spans are getting shorter, more instant, more impatient.

This also means a change for the marketing world. In the Golden Age of advertising, the most important element was getting your product out there to a broader audience and generating or satisfying a need with advertising campaigns. Now, however, this hyper consumer and hyper stocked society has at its fingertips a wide variety of choices amidst all the promotional noise offered across an infinite number of channels, be it email, social media, or promoted content. If before it was all about getting your products and services known, now its about fighting tooth and nail to grab attention, influencing in your leads decision making and turning leads into loyal clients.

It’s no secret: its getting harder and harder to survive in the marketing jungle.

So, as a survival tool kit, here are some tips as to how to go about it. And how to go about it better.

  1. Understand the changes

 First things first. It’s essential to understand this change we’re talking about. In the marketing world, we no longer refer to the famous 4Ps: Product, Price, Placement, Promotion. Now it’s about telling a story and surprising your audience by giving them a unique experience. Within this trend, we’re seeing advertising campaigns where the product or service isn’t being sold directly. Instead, they tell an inspiring story that the audience can relate to personally and dream about enjoying happier moments. The audience seeks to buy not the product but the feeling that it’ll give them. Happiness. Peace. Respect. Self-esteem.

  1. Gain your audiences trust

 Getting your audience to feel these emotions isn’t easy. So what can we do to ensure that emotional experience? First of all, you need to influence and gain their trust so that your audience chooses you, your message, and your product; not someone else’s. How? Above all, with clarity, transparency, and honesty. With a clear message and an inspiring story they can connect with. Empathy is the precursor to trust, and without it it’s likely that there won’t be a relationship to begin with or, if there is a relationship, have it go directly down the drain.

  1. Set up a strategy

But this message shouldn’t be created or remain in a vacuum. To be successful and gain your audience’s trust, it needs to be a part of a long-term strategy.

3 key elements your strategy should include:

  • Define the value of your product or service. If what you’re offering doesn’t add value or doesn’t set itself apart from your competitor’s product, it’ll be complicated to tell your story. If you don’t know what you’re selling, don’t expect others to know either.
  • Focus on a specific audience. Don’t try to please everybody, it’s just not possible. The more focused your audience is, the better you’ll be able to get inside its head and understand it.
  • Pick the best channels to get through to your audience. Facebook isn’t the same as email, and knowing the difference is important. Each channel has its own idiosyncracies and telling them apart is key if you want to get your message across more effectively.

4. You dont have to go about it alone.

The marketing jungle isnt a walk in the park, and at Intracon we know that the information and change overload can be confusing and disorienting.

That’s why we’re constantly updating trends and changes, personalized campaigns, and researching how to best communicate in a way that’s humane and different from massive and commercial marketing.

We believe that you also deserve to have a unique experience, and we’re here to help you in every step of the way.

Feel free to learn more and join us at: www.intracon-spain.com

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