5 Google tools for your marketing strategy

5 Google tools for your Marketing strategy

01 Mar 5 Google tools for your marketing strategy

Did you know that the same resources that provide the world’s biggest search engine can make your life easier? Today, we’re bringing you five Google tools that can lend you a helping hand so that you can spend more time on your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started!

1. Google My Business

This tool will allow your clients to find you and discover your products and/or services.

It’s very easy to register, and in return you’ll improve your company’s positioning on Google. Fill out the information about your location, upload a few images, share articles and sit back and watch whilst your rankings on the best search engine improve.

What’s more, according to Google stats: “customers are twice as likely to trust verified businesses that appear on Google” Not bad, right?

2. Google Analytics

Now you’ve got a profile on Google My Business, we’re going to turn our attention to something more “analytical”. Being able to observe how your clients and prospective clients behave is key when it comes to making strategic decisions.

Do you know how many visits your website gets a month? Which sections are the most successful? Where your visitors are from? Do they find you through campaigns, social media or links from other websites? Do they visit your site on their phones, or on their desktop?

Google Analytics gives you all this information and more. It’s another free tool, and a crucial one. It will help you improve your website, strategy and content.

3. Google PageSpeed Insight

Does your website take more than two seconds to load? If your answer is yes, or you’re not sure, then Google PageSpeed Insight is the tool for you.

It will allow you to analyse and evaluate your website’s loading speed and, most importantly, provide you with a series of extremely useful suggestions and relevant tools for improving that speed.

It’s very easy to use, just pop your website’s URL in at this link and see what your score is. A high score, close to 100, shows you that there’s very little to improve, whilst a low one means that there are lots of improvements you could be making.

4. Google Trends

If you want to launch a strategy for improving your search engine ranking, you need to do your keywords research first. Google Trends will give you extremely valuable information to pinpoint the right keywords.

This tool shows you the popularity of certain keywords, compares them with other variations, analyses how their popularity varies over time and in different regions or languages, and shows you related keywords.

Google Trends is essential for SEO, content creation and the optimisation of your website’s results.

5. Google Ads

Up until now, these have all been free tools, but we couldn’t leave out Google Ads. It’s a paid tool, but it’s a key part of your strategy.

Google Ads campaigns help customers that are looking for companies like yours on Google to find you. They’re the results you see at the top of page one of Google when you search for something.

If you need quick results, investing in Google Ads could be the answer.

There you have it, our suggestions for Google tools that can help you with your marketing strategy. As you can see, they’re nice and straightforward and very useful. But if you’re overwhelmed by all the information and don’t have time to improve your site, create a positioning strategy and/or launch a Google Ads campaign to help your customers find you, here at Intracon we’re B2B digital marketing specialists and we’d be delighted to lend a hand.

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