9 Reasons to Pay Attention to your PowerPoint Presentation

26 Mar 9 Reasons to Pay Attention to your PowerPoint Presentation

David JP Phillips, expert in the art of presentations, gave a talk revealing the key steps to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint.

You won’t believe how often I’ve attended talks with PowerPoint presentations that left me really disappointed. Not because of the speaker, the content of their PowerPoint presentation or the way in which it was presented. I’ve seen dynamic hosts talking about useful and relevant content who missed out on overwhelming success due to a presentation using an inconsistent colour palette, lacking quality images, with poor fonts and too much text. Their talks underperformed because of poor visual presentation, leading to ‘death by PowerPoint’ or boredom, disenchantment and oblivion.

After living through such repeated boredom, I always want to tell people:

You can have a PowerPoint with plenty of visual quality.

It’s just that the people who prepare talks often lack the time and resources to take care of the design. Thankfully, there are experts (like us) who can help save time and effort designing and improving your presentations. It’s about redesigning and transforming PowerPoint presentations to communicate your message in the most effective way.

At Intracon Spain, we have listened to Philips and are genuinely passionate about ensuring that all presentations are top quality and feature outstanding visual design.

Why we pay so much attention to getting the most out of presentations?

If you want to find out more about this phenomenon, I recommend watching Phillips TEDx Stockholm talk video. He shows clear examples of ineffective presentations, their consequences and how to avoid them using some of the basic principles of design and psychology.

Want to give your audience a good talk experience? Contact our design team to find out how to charm your audience. We’ll be delighted to help. https://www.intracon-spain.com/es/contacto/



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