Anna Chavarria Interview, Marketing management at Intracon

anna chavarria interview

02 Nov Anna Chavarria Interview, Marketing management at Intracon

Name: Anna Chavarria
Department: Marketing
Job title: Marketing management
Main Responsibility: Coordinating the marketing team and department development
Education: MBA, Executive Programme in Digital Marketing and Hubspot certification in Inbound marketing and Sales Enablement
Hobbies: Mountain walking and going to the theatre

Tell us about yourself and your role within the company.

I’m Anna and I’m in charge of the marketing department at Intracon. We carry out marketing and strategic design projects for B2B2C companies, and we also head Intracon’s marketing strategy.

What added value do you find in using more visual content for communications?

Developing a marketing and communication strategy to attain established objectives is essential in any organisation. Communicating in a company is vital because, essentially, we’re dealing with people.

Identifying the target audience is paramount and understanding how to communicate with that audience is crucial. Our experience has taught us that using communication with highly visual content opens many doors in this ever-changing dynamic world, where we’re used to viewing content quickly and constantly. A message conveyed appealingly and comprehensibly at a glance has a better outcome as regards brand awareness and increase of sales. We’ve been able to measure these results, and they apply to virtually all our projects at Intracon.

Can you tell us about a recent project regarding internal communication?

Dassault Systèmes, a company that design 3D software, asked Intracon to analyse why there was a lack of engagement with their training videos. We concluded that they were too long and heavy-going, and that they were only distributed internally. The challenge lay in producing videos that could pique the interest of salespeople and increase the number of people signing up for the training sessions.

The first step was to convince the company to make videos that would be available to the public to publicise the brand on social media. This change led the videos to have a more company-oriented focus that was less product driven.

The videos lasted for just over two minutes, which helped them go viral on social media. This led to mass dissemination and greater engagement, which helped the sales department with their communication about the courses.

What did you achieve with this project?

Partner Development Training provided more information about the product and outlined the best practices to promote it. The new videos were successful in piquing partners’ interest, who until that time had been reluctant to sign up for training courses.

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