Do You Have Burnout? Try This Test


24 Aug Do You Have Burnout? Try This Test

What is burnout?

According to expert and psychologist Christina Maslach, job burnout is when a person feels emotionally exhausted and unmotivated at work. It’s when a worker suffers from chronic stress, tension, anxiety, frustration, lack of satisfaction, lack of enthusiasm and lack of confidence towards the company and the people within it. Unfortunately, burnout is much more common than you think.

            The causes are rooted in several problems, including the most important one: the discrepancy between reality and the employee’s expectations. Perhaps the employee believes he has a certain role or responsibility, only to discover that in fact he doesn’t. Or maybe he thinks he has access to certain resources, to then see he doesn’t. On top of that, the workload could be too intense. Maybe he feels certain tensions with his peers or feels he lacks support and job security.

            The consequences of burnout for both the person suffering from it and the company are extremely harmful. For the employee, it affects his level of self-esteem, his quality of life, and his functioning within the organization or company. This in turn diminishes his performance and productivity and, as expected, this also affects the company, either tangibly (economically) or intangibly (company culture).            

How do you know if you have burnout?

After extensive research, Maslach developed the MBI, or Maslach Burnout Inventory. It’s the most used questionnaire to detect it and is used in both social and business environments. It takes between 10-15 minutes and has a reliability of 90% . Taking the test is a good way to situate yourself in front of this phenomenon, whether you are an employee or a boss.

Here is a link to the entire questionnaire:

Here is another link to the short version:

Regardless of the results obtained, it should be our responsibility to recognize that burnout exists and we should try our best to detect, prevent, and solve it.

At Intracon, for example, we make the effort to prioritize our human side and foster healthy relationships and environments at work. Whether with fun activities, group meals, or coffee breaks – we try to increase good vibes and positive reinforcements among us, as doing so drives our enthusiasm, optimism, and productivity.

Burnout doesn’t have to exist, don’t you think? We invite you to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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