Communication is necessary. Do not stop communicating.

Communication is necessary. Do not stop communicating.

01 Jun Communication is necessary. Do not stop communicating.

Good communication, internal and external is essential. Effective communication needs to reach people, so they feel compelled to read it. Transparent and honest communication is where user needs matter.

Internal communication

Communicating leadership has become imperative. Communicating changes, solving doubts, anticipating the future, and leading it with new proposals is a must. We must rethink communication and design a new strategy that goes through honest communication, that impacts and engages.

It is time to think of new formulas that work in this new scenario. This is not the time for long and impersonal emails. Change them for short video clips in which the CEO speaks to the team. Also, offer the flexibility to each user to consult the communication whenever they prefer to do so.

Organize an internal online event to thank your employees for their effort and empower them to continue giving their best. Use infographics, or interactive videos. Digital communication can offer you many creative possibilities. Take advantage of it!

There are many formulas for effective communication. Let us help you.

External communication

Take the opportunity to update your sales tools. You can update your corporate presentations, your branding, your website, rethink your strategy to digitize your business and have an online presence. Changes are coming, so it may be a good time to prepare.

You can suspend your ordinary communication and create a new brand story. Think about what you can offer and how to alleviate problems and provide solutions. Focus on what your client needs. It is time to create relevant content. Use creativity and create useful and fun pieces. At Intracon, for example, to cover the need to continue offering events, we have created different types of online events capable of awakening the 5 senses of the attendees. We have given free rein to creativity that characterizes us to ensure that our clients can meet the needs they have and do so with exceptional results. Also, we have been able to promote an important part of the company.

If you want to continue paddling, but you feel aimless, you lack ideas, or you do not know how to make your communication effective, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a great team ready to help you and be the compass that leads you to better destination.

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