Creating content for your sales department

Creating content for your sales department

08 Jan Creating content for your sales department

No one said selling was easy, but what if you help your sales department to make it easy? It is vital that you are familiar with the different types of content you can offer your sales team to ensure their success.

First of all, you will need to know what stage in the purchasing process your prospect is at. In other words, you will need to be familiar with their Buyer Journey, the path your prospect takes from the moment they identify a problem or a need, proceed to explore the possible solutions and alternatives, and finally decide to purchase a product or service that resolves the situation. Each one of your prospects will be at a different point in this Buyer Journey, and it will be important for you to have content prepared for each of the stages.

1. Awareness Stage

In this first stage, your prospect begins to realise they have a problem and will begin to look into how this “problem” can be improved, prevented, optimized or resolved.

During this awareness stage, we will attract their attention by means of content that is easy to consume and easy to share. Content that will catch their interest and stand out from competitors’ content, along the lines of computer graphics, podcasts or short motion graphics video clips. Elements in which design is very important.

2. Consideration Stage

In this stage, our prospect has clearly identified what their problem is and has put a name to it. They will look for tools that are available to solve the problem and they will begin to discard unsuitable solutions.
The objective during this stage will be to deliver value content, so that the prospect chooses us. In other words, we must give them saleable, practical and useful content in exchange for becoming one of their favourites. eBooks, Templates, SlideShares, Checklists and PowerPoint presentations can be very good materials for this second stage.

3. Decision Stage

Finally, if you have got past stage 2, you are on the prospect’s final list of possible suppliers. Your prospect has already ruled out many of your competitors. Here, you will need to present them with testimonials, opinions and proof that it is worthwhile choosing you.
White papers, webinars, testimonial videos and case studies are ideal content for the decision stage.
Having this content ready and accessible to your sales department will enable them to guide prospects throughout the Buyer journey, since they will have the ideal content available at the ideal moment when the prospect needs it. In this way, you will help to increase the efficiency of your sales team.

At Intracon, we are experts at creating content that will cover these three stages to perfection. Please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can offer you our help.

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