Don’t Fall Behind! Marketing Trend Predictions For 2018

14 Feb Don’t Fall Behind! Marketing Trend Predictions For 2018

Trends change every year and get renewed. Tested. You know that.

If during 2017 we saw marketing trends focused on fleeting, native and automated content, this year we’ll most likely also see changes and new trends in terms of content and marketing strategies.
It’s obviously important to stay on top of these trends (you also know that), that way your marketing strategy is updated and doesn’t remain anchored in the past. If we all say that people should adapt to current times, our marketing should as well, right?

That being said, here are the most relevant predictions for 2018:

1. 360º virtual reality and live content

This year we’ll expect to see a boom in virtual reality, especially in video marketing. How come? Marketers are picking up on the fact that augmented, virtual reality is a fast, interactive and powerful way to connect with your target audience. It offers experiences that seem real and creates a sense of closeness and immediacy, helping your audience emotionally connect with your products.

Companies like Facebook and Snapchat, for example, have jumped on the bandwagon and are increasingly making it easier to share live content. Ikea has also created an application in which you can visualize what certain furniture will look like in your home. Very useful when looking through products without having to worry about regretting later on what you’ve bought.

2.Influencer marketing

To improve brand visibility and credibility, 2018 also sees significant growth in influencer marketing. It’s a good way to reach your target audience more cheaply, directly and quickly.

3. Digital. Digital. Digital

This prediction stays relevant every single year, seeing how our society becomes more and more digital. We spend less time watching TV and more time on our phones, tablets and computers. For marketing managers aware of this and ready to get ahead, they can also take advantage of the fact that 49% of companies don’t have a digital marketing strategy yet defined.

4. Conversational searches

Another trend that we’ll see is more conversational searches in Google. This affects SEO, since it means that positioning will no longer depend so much on keywords but on how we realistically type in our searches.

5. Chatbots

Many companies are already realizing the advantages of having chatbots as part of their marketing and customer service. It reduces costs, increases immediacy and in general are quite effective since they offer the possibility of solving doubts and questions instantly.

6. WhatsApp marketing

Finally, this 2018 we’ll see the use of WhatsApp as a marketing strategy, not only as a personal communication tool. Doppler, for example, allows you to share email campaigns through WhatsApp. Here is an interesting post on how to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool.


In conclusion,

Now that you have the latest marketing trends, you are ready to start this year with strength and foresight. However, at Intracon Spain we know that it’s not always easy to always be aware of all the marketing news.
We’re also aware that creating marketing strategies can sometimes be disorienting. Our Marketing & Design team can help you by giving you tools, knowledge and strategies so that you never feel lost or alone again. We’re here. Always.

Can you think of or know of other trends planned for 2018? Share them with us!

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