Enabling your team with the right sales tools


16 Oct Enabling your team with the right sales tools

Are you enabling or hindering your sales force?

Using the right sales tools allows salespeople to get access to relevant, and on-point content which prepares them to then engage with prospective buyers.

With so many sales enablement tools available, it can be challenging to determine which ones will “enable” the sales force, by giving them the tools they need to sell instead of sending them out blind and directionless.

When used wisely, sales tools can become a critical component in motivating and galvanising your sales force. In terms of accessing them, the use of smartphones and tablets, are already integrated into their world, and they are well accustomed to accessing daily intuitive platforms that need little training or onboarding to use.

By positioning the organisation’s approach from the needs of the individual, tools can become engaging, which in turn can increase a salesperson´s productivity and success in the marketplace. Sales tools that deliver the right content in the correct format will enable sales, and in turn, help drive efficiency across the board by giving a business the opportunity to use analytics to study and optimise time and cost.

What tools and when?

Deciding which tool to use to at which point of the sales process can be a decisive factor between sending out your salespeople ready to sell or ready to flounder.

Deciding which tools are worthy and when they can be strategically rolled out to your salespeople is no easy feat and should not be taken likely. The name of the game is to stay ahead and keep your salespeople up to date with the latest product info and company-wide messaging.

At this point, a consultancy should be introduced, partnering up with an agency that can work in tandem with you to guide through the fog of bewilderment.

Sales tools today need to be a repository of easy to get information that should reflect each point of the sales cycle whether the info is a social platform, a video guide or APP.

The importance of tailoring the format.

Here at Intracon Spain we know the importance of providing up to date content via different media and formats and presenting them in a way the reaches out and connects to the audience

To give a few examples, a highly technical guide for selling security software would be best delivered as interactive PDF, that allows the audience to consume the material piece by piece on their own time and at their own pace because there are always varying degrees of technical understanding depending on the audience.

Delivering product updates to salespeople on the go can be quickly distributed via Podcasts, as well as narrated analysis that details the latest product launches again allows the sale person to consume the salesperson on their time, while travelling to and from customer visits via a medium that will enable them to absorb the information in small bite-sized pieces.

Recent studies have shown that with an increasingly mobile world is driving trends with 6.9 billion mobile device users actively consuming content every day. This statistic is actively driving trends directly towards short audio or video capsules of information which can easily be processed on a cognitive level. So providing byte-sized morsels of information can go a long way in enabling sales and at Intracon we help create content with this premise in mind.

Sales tools are well-served house in a single repository, housing your content within a single platform will only be successful if willingly adopted by the sales team, so it needs to be intuitive platform that can be easily accessible. Today trends point towards APPs which allows access across various devices and real-time analytical investigation to which tools are useful and where engagement level improvements can be made.

Effectively your salespeople are the wind in sails for your organisation, so never underestimate the importance of keeping them update the right information delivered in a format that speaks to their needs.


Anthony Bain
Content Developer at Intracon Spain

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