11 Dec Epub 3.0: The future of the digital book is already here

Content is king. Nowadays, the quality of our content is dramatically relevant to stand out in such a difficult and competitive environment as the digital one. That´s why the format that we´d use to present our proposal becomes so important to gain and hold our audience’s interest.

In this extremely complex context, Intracon truly believes on the new ePub 3.0 Fixed Layout format as an excellent solution to enrich user’s experience. This update really means a step forward against the traditional digital reader formats, that only includes images, audios or texts. That’s why new ePub 3.0 Fixed Layout is a perfect tool for a sales or commercial initiative. This format combines content and video, together with Apps, which makes it a super versatile tool.

Its Fixed Layout format allows texts and images to keep the same proportion, no matter the kind of screen of the device where it is seen. Also, our publication can be downloaded and saved in the device, generating an easy accessible & digestible content and a more interactive experience than the traditional PDF.

Our Design Department here in Intracon has practical expertise in the production and elaboration of this new format. And if you need to create or organize the content, our Training Department will help you to develop it. Please do ask us if you want to run a trial and overtake your competitors with the best content presentation.

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