Five elements to create a visually stimulating Powerpoint to increase your sales


18 Jul Five elements to create a visually stimulating Powerpoint to increase your sales

An attractive, well-structured presentation will have a positive impact on your audience. Not only should it make a connection, but it should also engage their attention and provoke their interest.


When constructing your PowerPoint presentation, there are two essential questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do your presentations have the impact you want them to?
  • Do they help transmit the key messages you want your audience to take away with them?

For a sales proposal, it is essential to attain the right design structure. The design gives strength to the content and provides consistency to the message, facilitating the retention of information for your audience, making you stand out from the competition and helping you to obtain the desired results.

Graphic design can influence an audience’s, feelings and behavior, and for this reason, information can be 87% more assimilated in mind of the audience if there is an intrinsic connection.

Here at Intracon, we’ve had a chat with one of our in-house designers whose everyday job is to mesmerize audiences with stunning bespoke presentations, adapted to a business’s needs.

Their advice is gold. So, read on and find out how you can achieve PowerPoint glory for yourself.

  1. Plan and forget PowerPoint templates

When embarking on the creation of an impactful presentation, start by conceptualizing and drawing out your ideas and messages on a sheet of paper. This way, your tools will not interfere in the message structure that you wish to convey; this way, you can organize and visualize the content before you start creating it within PowerPoint.

  1. Simplify your slides with one or two concepts

If you’ve got too many words and too many concepts all going on at the same time, you need to stop and rethink. Overcrowding the presentation puts the most relevant messages at risk of going unnoticed. A PowerPoint presentation is not a substitute for your notes. It’s your job to make sure your audience leaves the presentation with a clear vision of your message; using a maximum of one of two concepts per slide will facilitate this. The underlining message is key; so, don’t disrespect it. Reduce content and simplify!

  1. Conceptualize; use visual content

Infographics, graphs and tables significantly increase knowledge retention; the audience can engage with light visuals on a level that text-heavy slides cannot reach. It’s also a step in the right direction to simplify complex ideas and add a layer of visual storytelling.

  1. Reinforce your sales strategy, choose your colours wisely

Colours are primordial; our brains are wired to respond to specific colours in different ways. Brand marketers are switched on to this idea and use the notion to influence purchasing decisions. Research from QuickSprout shows that 90% of all product assessments have to do with colour.

  1. Get impact, use Images

Images constitute the visual pillar of narration; their use triples the probabilities of capturing your audience’s attention since the brain processes 90% of all visual information while only processing up to 20% of all text information. When inserting images into a presentation, it is essential to correctly structure them, keep an open mind and take the time to use original images. Also, the use of abstract photos instead of literal images allows the audience to use their imagination and enables the storytelling element to take over.

Are you interested in learning more? Click on this link to meet our Art Director, Pili Maza to see her talk about the power of design and the use of PowerPoint as a sales tool.

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Here at Intracon Spain, we can help you in your journey towards the creation of visually impressive presentations. We can help you save time and attract the attention of your audience in a direct and up to date way. Our team of professional designers can create specific presentations for you: integrating your style, for your audience, and in line with the message of your company.


Júlia Tomàs
Project Manager at Intracon Spain

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