Get to the next content marketing maturity level


31 Jul Get to the next content marketing maturity level

The content marketing landscape is continually changing,  developing and compelling us to think about success factors in new and different ways. Nowadays, we need to show the business value of our efforts and the fruits of our labours as we venture forth, pushing forward and ascending at a steady rate.

Fortunately, with the right distribution, and break down of processes, you can summit the content mountain peak with brand advocating subject matter that stands outs and reaches your intended audience, making you a sophisticated content marketing curator.

This infographic designed by Intracon Spain represents the 5 levels of content maturity, beginning with your first baby steps from identifying what isn´t working in your strategy, through adolescence with an analysis of information — through the lifecycle, maturing with data-driven intelligence, and finally giving you the know-how to progress to the zenith, to obtain sophistication, and the superpower to never stop getting better.



Anthony Bain
Content Developer at Intracon Spain

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