Why does good design boost sales?


25 Nov Why does good design boost sales?

Design is not just about a logo, attractive images, a bold layout, or an original typeface. It’s about all that and more. Design is vital for developing a connection between your company and your brand and, therefore, your clients. The effort you put into a presentation, or the way you package your product or service has a huge impact on the way you sell it.

Making your brand visible and injecting it with personality so that it stands out amongst the thousands of options that potential clients have to choose from is, these days, a matter of survival. Both on and offline. In fact, the strongest marketing strategies are those that integrate the two to generate change and accelerate the ideas process, as well as coherently aligning the design with the brand’s aims.

Accordingly, experimenting with different formats like infographics, case studies or corporate presentations (EPUBs, PPT, etc.) doesn’t only boost visibility in different environments, but it also allows you to increase web traffic through different channels. That’s a basic requirement these days, when social media has become an important platform for any project, but it’s very tough to make yourself stand out amongst all the different businesses cluttering up platforms’ timelines.

Strategic placement of important elements on your site, using the right colours and fonts and, in general, focusing on the user experience so that a client can always find what they’re looking for, are all essential. But that’s not the only roll that design plays. The LinkedIn posts, case studies, presentations and infographics mentioned above, as well as well-designed illustrations, photos and other interactive content also help boost your content marketing and, therefore, communicate the value of your product.

“A piece of content might be excellent, but if it isn’t accompanied by attractive visuals, it’s not going to help you convince your client. When it comes to sales, every detail counts, from the suit you’re wearing to the mug you drink your coffee out of”, says Pili Maza, Art Director at Intracon Spain.

interview-pili-maza-intracon-spainSo that you can take care of these details and make sure your clients trust your brand, you should focus on a strategic, integrated design. It should, of course, be attractive, but it also needs to bear SEO and the user experience in mind, as well as your reputation on social media. It needs to be a design concept that can be used for striking presentations (yes, PowerPoint still works well for these), as well as for posters, brochures, flyers, banners, and merchandise that align with other branding elements.

There’s no arguing with the fact that it’s important to design inspiring campaigns that are the result of a concrete intention to generate client engagement, so that calls to action turn into sales, and experiences with one advertisement turn into brand loyalty.

Design, alongside excellent copy, is how we can achieve all this. As Steve Jobs said, “design is not just what it looks and feels like, it’s how it works”. Design is what establishes a dialogue with the client and guides them through the experience. It’s an integral part of what makes them choose you.

Do you want to convince your ideal client? At Intracon we can help you do just that. As an agency, we’re experts in creating designs that communicate the value of your business in B2B environments, meaning clients trust your quality and professionalism, helping you to sell more.


Anna Solana
Content Developer 

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