22 Mar How to get consumer’s attention in 48 characters

The headline that you have just read contains 48 characters. No less, no more. But, in the current environment, the new challenge is not only having an appealing CTA but to retain the audience. Once you´ve captivated their attention, you need to offer them some useful piece of info. In such a competitive arena where we received more than 2K advertising impacts every single day, the relevancy of your message is key.

The overwhelming current market trend is video. It is a content tool included in any marketing strategy. With a mobile video consumption getting more and more powerful, your message needs to fit to this format in the most efficient way.

Statistics are demolishing. According to ComScore, in 2017 the 74% of the total traffic consumption on Internet will be related to video. And it is not all focus on volume, it is also referred to the quality of the impact. Just the 10% of the users reached by any info remember it 3 days after. Meanwhile, if this information contains a powerful audiovisual material, this percentage increases to 65%.

In this video format, your chances to keep the audience attention is reduced into a 4-7 spam. On this tiny period of time you need to captivate your potentital audience and make them get interested on your content.

Here is where Intracon offers you tailor made solutions to any need. Our whole team will work on your video to make it outstanding. Our Marketing Deparment would plan and coordinate the project. Alongside with the Content team, both will study how to make your product or service bright with a direct and clear message. Finally, the Design Department will draw and animate your ideas.

It could be a Competitive Benchmark or a Training video, or any other need, our team will provide you a material to entertain, train or get the attention of your audience.

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