How to Make Your Brand Stand Out


30 May How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Would you know the differences between brand, corporate identity and corporate image? These are terms that should be a part of a company’s strategy because the company’s success relies directly or indirectly on a chain of events directly related to them. The brand, corporate identity or corporate image determine what is thought and perceived of that company, consequently influencing its number of sales and notoriety in the market. We will focus on the importance of the corporate image and offer you reasons to emphasize it in your company.

The brand of a company implies the way it portrays the products and services it offers in order to differentiate itself from others. But we know that it’s not enough just to sell products: now we have to sell experiences. It’s no longer enough to only offer the product directly. There’s a need to build a strategy to achieve better positioning and thus consolidate the life of the commercial project in the market. The brand helps to achieve just that. It transmits the values ​​of that company and seeks to generate sensations that attract others.

Corporate Identity
The corporate identity is part of the brand and is the combination of its verbal and visual identity. It seeks to capture the values ​​of the company based primarily on the design it has, either through a logo, a specific typography, identifying colors, etc.

Corporate Image
On the other hand, the corporate image is the psychological understanding we have of the company. It’s how we perceive that brand. Nike, for example, has a corporate image that inspires action, movement and determination through its corporate identity (colors, fonts, Just Do It slogan, etc.).

It’s like having a child. The baby is given a name and little by little this new person will create her identity in the world. She’ll develop tastes, mannerisms, ways of dressing and talking, etc. and other people will perceive her and decide if they like her or not. Her parents may think one thing, while the rest may think another. Each person will have a perception of her. The corporate image is directly related to the commercial and brand development’s objectives. It transmits much more than a simple logo, slogan or drawing. In fact, the term image refers to the mental image that, in this case, the individual creates based on the business proposal.
The formula would be something like:

Company’s values + Visual identity = Corporate image

All the elements are key in making the brand of the company succeed. Tools such as social psychology and graphic design are essential in building the language that helps us influence the consumer’s perception. The corporate image has a significant influence on the impressions the brand makes on the potential customer, and will consequently turn that impression into a memory.

A defined corporate image and a corporate identity make the brand’s communication coherent and trigger values ​​so that, unconsciously, the potential consumer confers it qualities such as serenity and trust.

Just like suppliers and consumers, those who are also affected by the image of a company are the employees. They will identify more and feel represented by an appropriate corporate image that’s solid and captivating. This will lead to greater business productivity.
In short, we can say that a business is not only what it offers or sells, but also, and to a large extent, how it’s perceived by others. When it comes to positioning itself in the market and differentiating itself from its competitors, it becomes of essential value to be represented by an attractive image that somehow expresses the company’s philosophy.

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