22 Mar How to stand out in your next congress: the opportunity of not being someone else

Ideas change the world. But as important as having a good idea is to be able to show it in an attractive way. That´s why the design of a powerful strategy on your next congress is key to, at least, have the opportunity to show your industry vision or your products. The profitability of the investment on Trade Fairs is not always easy to justify when there isn´t enough time to prepare it in a successful way.

Just in Spain, there are more than 2.870 Fairs held in 150 different cities, with Madrid and Barcelona acting as epicentric points. There are sectorial fairs where you are competing directly with your competence to show the best services and the latest trends.

Accordint to the latest report of the Asociación de Ferias españolas (AFE) this sector generares more than 10.000 millions of euros every year. Companies are investing one third of their marketing budgets on this area. A tough economic effort that requires excellent results originated in a clear timeline. There are three essential stages on any successful timeline: before, during and after the fair. Here is decisive to clearly define the main objectives and to monitor the fair activity to be able to measure results.

It is important to start seducing our potential visitors some time before the encounter. Here you need to use impactful and personalized messages to make them plan their visit to our stand in advance. At Intracon we believe that a good traditional direct marketing, mixed with the new tools of digital marketing, can aid you to prepare a holistic plan. To schedule your visits will help you to prepare your presentation and to run a previous investigation work.

During the congress, the most important thing is to attract as many people as possible to your stand and to make them remember you after the event. It is key to be able to offer a strong strategy, empowered by a good presentation and design. In Intracon we can ideate the concept, design the stand and render the sketch. We can also generate the content and prepare a common thread for all the materials offered on the stand (from invitations & presentations to brochures).

Our team is also able to plan all the actions that take place in that space, and we can train the people who will become the face of your brand during the event. A good post-congress action plan is essential to maintain the already created leads, whitout expecting our potential client to have a need.

In Intracon we work with nurture marketing tools to care for and maintain this connection in order to be part of their top of mind. We just need to know what you want to tell. It is everything we require from our customers to provide them the best service. From there, Intracon´s professionals will work hard to make you shine, solving any challenge thanks to our creativity and experience. A good location at the fair, a well-designed stand that attracts attention, promotional activities, a good post-fair plan… every detail adds up and contributes to success.

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