04 Oct HP Elite Slice, A new Smart conferencing solution

Intracon has teamed up with HP and Intel to deliver an existing new smart conferencing solution, the HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms.

Our team of experts will train HP’s premium partners on both sales and technical messaging, involving:

  • How to position the product by effectively communicating the value proposition through features and benefits.
  • How to conduct a successful demonstration in an engaging manner.
  • Competitive selling against and positioning.
  • Installation tips and tricks of the stand-alone and enterprise version.
  • A Refresh on HP’s Premium range of computing devices.

Our team will deliver these popular lunch and learn sessions to launch countries in, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, all in local language.

We will be equipping HP partners with the sales and technical knowledge to conduct successful sales demonstrations using the stylish and very cool looking HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms.

Want to know more, check it out here

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