HR Consulting

Building a team of trustworthy and capable individuals for you

Outstanding expertise in recruitment.

Our talent acquisition is managed by experienced Human Resources

professionals who have a passion for what they do with the desire

to equip your team with highly motivated, and talented individuals you need.


The best organizations are proactive and do not wait for the candidates to apply for job offers. In order to actively identify and attract the best talent for your teams, Intracon develops a thorough all round and discrete headhunting strategy tailored to your needs.


At Intracon we offer services that help manage talent pipeline. Our philosophy is based on measuring potential and placing each employee in the position that will maximize their performance and realize their talents: The right people in the right place.


Using proven group selection processes, we offer a complete solution for the recruitment of technical personnel, middle management and senior leaders. We have custom designed tests that enable us to assess who the best candidates are.

  • Selecting the best talent for your company is a complex process that goes far beyond validating the experience and training of candidates. That is why at Intracon, we offer two types of candidate evaluation to ensure we meet the needs of your business.
  • We generate customized reports based on the skills profile of each candidate, and through behavioral event interviewing and projective tests, we effectively measure the potential of each candidate.
  • In addition, we offer psychometric tests that can remotely assess both technical skills and those related to emotional factors both of which, have an impact on employee performance.
  • We can evaluate your organizational climate to explore the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, which is well known to have a significant impact on employee productivity. This allows you to better understand the extent to which management practices are enhancing or limiting the growth and productivity of your company.
  • Did you know that a motivated employee is on average about 30% more productive than one who is not?
  • At Intracon, we not only offer to help you assess your organizational climate, but we also support the implementation of organizational improvement plans with specific recommendations tailored for each business unit.