Make an Impact on your Sales Network with Sales Enablement

Impact on your Sales Network with Sales Enablement

29 Sep Make an Impact on your Sales Network with Sales Enablement

– “It’s the Marketing department’s fault for not getting enough leads,” the sales department complains.

– “It’s the Sales department’s fault for not properly using the leads we send them,” complains the marketing department.

Sound familiar? The marketing and sales departments seem to be locked in an eternal struggle.

Sales Enablement is here to help. It can be used to develop processes, content and technology, enabling sales teams to work on sales efficiently.

How? It will:

• provide salespeople with the content they need at any given time (according to where the lead is situated in the purchase process);

• analyse the best sales tools to enhance the sales process;

• establish joint working methods with the marketing and sales departments;

• pinpoint jointly with Marketing the definition of a good lead;

• establish a Service-Level Agreement (SLA), by which Marketing and Sales work together and are committed to achieving common goals.

Currently in the United States, 38% of small companies, 55% of medium companies and 68% of large companies have adopted Sales Enablement, according to a study by HubSpot. Of these companies, 75% stated they had noted a significant contribution to their commercial reach.

Do you want to see an example?

Recently at Intracon, we’ve been working on a project together with HP that aims to improve the efficiency of salespeople’s results. Marketing and Sales both participated in the project, and we analysed what sales tools worked best and what updates were needed.

We realised that salespeople could increase their sales if they were able to show a particular product in one digital location that could be easily accessed and navigated. We also saw that Marketing improved its communication with Sales by using a tool that quickly conveyed new developments and product information.

The outcome: implementation of a customised app that has had a direct impact and improvement on sales. In the initial months after rolling out the app, 6000 downloads were registered with more than 600 active monthly users.

Let’s get this off the ground!

Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat, and we’ll answer any questions you may have. Why not begin today? Start your sales enablement strategy and get the customers you need.

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