Include translators at your events

Include translators at your event

30 Jan Include translators at your events

Are you planning to hold a congress? A convention? A meeting involving some important negotiation? Whatever type of event you may have in mind, take our word for it, include a translator. Not only will you stand out as a host, since foreign visitors will feel more comfortable, but you will also present a good brand image.

What a translator can do for you

First of all, whatever the event may be, it will need a communication plan (invitations, website, stand, reception, logistics…), and business English will be required for all the materials. You want to create a good impression from the outset, and a linguistic error can paint the wrong picture of your company. And we don’t want that to happen, do we?

During the event, there will be probably be times when information and knowledge need to be conveyed. This is when an interpreter will be able to overcome possible language barriers, ensuring that those attending do not miss a single detail and that your message is perfectly understood in all the languages catered for. Whether you are taking part in a round table or networking face to face, having a simultaneous translator can really make a difference: negotiation will run more smoothly and you will achieve your objectives.

Once the event has ended, the next stage will involve contacting attendees and thanking them for coming, providing them with a report accompanied by additional material, such as a video summarising the event. You may even need to take further initiatives in the case of prospects that you have secured. Once again, a translator will ensure success in bringing a memorable event to a conclusion.

Pay attention to every detail

You will want your event to inspire, to be remembered and to linger in the minds of attendees, who you will want to return. Hence the importance of addressing every little detail before, during and after the event.
Focus on the quality of the speakers and their content. Find speakers that are good communicators, who are able to capture the attention of your audience and get your message across. They must have the knowledge required to respond to any doubts raised by attendees.

The preparation of the rooms is also an important factor. You will want attendees to feel comfortable, in a space to which thought has been given. Devote attention to the decoration, as well as basic considerations such as room temperature and the quality of the lighting and sound.

Finally, remember to make it easy for attendees. Think about all the possible needs they may have and resolve these before they arrive: parking, welcome pack, WiFi, materials they require… and of course, overcome any language barrier by hiring a good translator.

At Intracon, we will identify your needs, focusing on every last detail. We have the capacity to successfully organise all kinds of events, turning them into something extraordinary and therefore memorable. If you have an idea in mind, contact us and we will bring it to fruition.

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