Intracon comes together to celebrate 20 years

01 Oct Intracon comes together to celebrate 20 years

Located in the former fishing village of Colonia de Sant Jordi, on the beautiful and quaint south side of the Island of Mallorca, nestled away from the main tourist resorts, Intracon celebrated 20 years of providing services to different sectors.

Surrounded by an azure, sapphire shimmering sea, and beautiful gleaming sunshine, Intracon brought together employees from Spain, Colombia, Germany, and the United States of America to celebrate in Intracon´s many successes and to pave the way forward for the company with strategic vision and outlook into 2025 and beyond.

After a welcome cocktail, and while the sunset dropped below the horizon. Timo, Oliver, and Georg kicked off the weekend with a presentation showing the evolution of Intracon from just a few employees, providing training to what it is today with over a hundred employees, together with a community of freelancers and contractors providing services to such leading companies as, HP, Siemens, and Stratasys. They showed their strategic vision to secure Intracon a prosperous and bright future as a leading tech services provider.

From there, the celebrations continued through the evening with drinks on the rooftop, where we all got to know each other and shared our own Intracon stories. As we drank in the beautiful Mallorquin night, we created more stories together.

Afterward, some of us headed off to a local disco to carry on the party and drive forward the celebratory narrative into the small hours of the morning, while others drifted off to silent slumber with the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore outside.

The next day, bleary-eyed and yet full of the joys of the beautiful September sunshine, we set off from Colonia de Sant Jordi Harbour to begin our first aquatic activity.  We were split up into teams with each team assigned a motorboat from which we explored coves close to the Cabrera National park, swam in the clear azure waters, snorkeled with multi-colored marine life, and threw a frisbee to each other from the boats. The activity separated us into teams but brought us closer together as a company.

Once back ashore in Colonia de Sant Jordi Harbour, we feasted on fantastic seafood dishes and paella for lunch. Later, some of us indulged in water sports activities while others snoozed in preparation for the dinner ahead or took a moment to explore the town in quiet reflection.

Dinner brought us to Cas Senyor, a beautiful old Spanish country house where we stood for a company photo while circus performers greeted us with welcome cocktails. We indulged in a Mediterranean grill, along with some fantastic wine in the courtyard and rounded off the beautiful Mallorquin evening in style by singing and dancing, before Timo, Oliver, and Georg, accompanied by their 20th Anniversary balloon, brought a close to the celebratory activities.


Anthony Bain
Content Developer


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