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    At Intracon we seek to connect not only with our clients but amongst ourselves and with future candidates like yourself. We see the hiring process as important and strongly believe in fostering human relationships. Let us tell you what working at Intracon looks like and what type of people we connect with. Connect with us at

    What we offer:


    We’re a multicultural and international team that nurtures and takes care of each other. We give you the chance to work in a cohesive and involved team that listens, is optimistic, and is eager to do things differently.


    We work hard at creating a work environment we actually enjoy being in, whether it be eating together, giving each other gifts, or celebrating birthdays. Despite the intense workload, the mood is welcoming, smiley, and relaxed.


    Our offices are located in an open, sunny, green, and quiet area. This detail might seem insignificant, but working in a physical space that’s comfortable works miracles. It enables and motivates you to want to make a difference.


    The work includes tons of aspects and characteristics. It implies creativity, variety, and opportunity. You’ll be able to learn new skills with people by your side ready to support and help you overcome any type of obstacle.

    What we look for:

    People who like to work outside of their comfort zone and feel comfortable with not having everything defined and under control. Who are willing to get their hands dirty and take the leap into what’s new and different. Humbly.

    People who can adapt to the moment and present need. Who aren’t afraid to share their opinion and who are brave enough to listen to others.

    People who are curious, independent, and have self-initiative. With open mindsets and who are committed to being kind, collaborative, and communicative.

    Is this you? If so, we’d love to meet you.

    We invite you to search for and fill in the offer that best suits what you’re looking for. If we match, we won’t hesitate to get in contact with you.