Júlia Tomàs Interview, Project Manager at Intracon

Júlia Tomàs Interview

20 Oct Júlia Tomàs Interview, Project Manager at Intracon

Name: Júlia Tomás
Department: Marketing
Job title: Project management
Main responsibility: Coordinating marketing and communication projects
Education: Master in International Relations; Executive Master in Sales and Marketing; and Hubspot certification in Inbound Marketing
Hobbies: mountain walking, dancing, paddle surfing, learning new languages

Tell us about yourself and your role within the company.

I’m Julia and I’m a project manager in the marketing department at Intracon, where we lead marketing and communication projects, both internally and externally, for B2B and B2B2C companies.

Why do you think it’s important for a company to dedicate resources to its internal communication?

I believe internal communication is the foundation for running a company strategically, effectively and collaboratively on an everyday basis. When we communicate with each other, although it may not always be obvious, we’re conveying the company values and their vision and mission – why we’re doing what we’re doing.

In fact, it’s a strategic aspect of the company because it helps give consistency to our everyday actions, encourages commitment in the team and improves collaboration and camaraderie. It’s also a way of continuing to train the people that work with us and make them feel significant.

In the long-term, if a company dedicates resources and continues dedicating them to their internal communication, they’ll have a motivated, committed, smart and united team.

Can you tell us about a recent project regarding internal communication?

An interesting project came about because our customer had noticed that they were not achieving sufficient engagement among workers at HP for communications they considered particularly strategic.

It consisted of an internal project HP runs, called VIA, in which workers are periodically asked how they would improve HP. The outcome is used to spearhead solutions that ensure the improvements are implemented, and managers organise their work based on the feedback.

Managers identified that their communication and internal actions for the project weren’t having the desired impact and weren’t generating sufficient engagement.

We put together an internal communication campaign under a specific branding and logo, with the slogan “Thanks to You”. Every piece of communication we used had a landing page format that measured the level of engagement.

At the same time, for the communication about annual employee award winners at HP, we made a series of videos with fun illustrations showing a personal and professional aspect of each employee’s character, with the aim of piquing curiosity among team members.

What did you achieve with this project?

Clicks for the campaign content rose by 73%, the project managed to attract interest among staff at HP, and we registered greater engagement and more opinions. In general, people talked informally about the communications sent out. At the same time, HP employees recognised the work carried out by managers at HP and they appeared satisfied with the measures for improvement being implemented by the company.

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