The key to the future of sales: Learning to listen to customers through social networks

02 Jul The key to the future of sales: Learning to listen to customers through social networks

Learn to use social networks to identify the needs of your customers and increase your sales

Information from Alex López @retailmeeting

The world is changing at breakneck speed which is why we must continually inform ourselves and stay up to date. With this aim I attended the Inbound Leaders event. I heard directly from digital marketing professionals speaking about the latest developments in the immense world of content generation and its impact in many company divisions. This time, we focus on how content marketing and social networks can have an impact on company sales and what the secret is for making that impact positive.

We have all heard about the vast changes in traditional sales models. With the arrival of the Internet, users begin their purchase process alone through a Google search. They do not need, nor want, to be contacted ahead of time. They don’t want to receive information that they haven’t requested. So, the classic model of “door-to-door sales” has changed drastically. Now it is the client who approaches the company and normally when they do, it’s  because the decision has been all but taken.

Users have less and less free time and easy access to different sources of information. This has made them more demanding and less receptive to advertising impulses. In a world full of information, the companies that will manage to approach customers will be those who learn to listen better to their needs and who offer appropriate solutions to them. You must sow before you reap. Companies must engage with the customer long before the customer approaches the company to make a purchase. How? By generating and disseminating relevant content on its digital platforms and maintaining a continuous dialogue with its users.

To achieve this, marketing and sales departments should come together in promoting the use of new digital tools for maximum benefit; in marketing at the level of brand strategy and positioning, while for sales to gain visibility.

Most importantly in sales, the use of social networks implies a profound change in approach. By changing the classic model, the salesperson needs to be much more receptive to customers. They must observe their activity and interests in social networks to identify the right time to make contact. It is essential that you understand how social networks affect sales and how they can help you get closer to your target audience. You need to know what tools will allow you to research and identify potential customers and build quality business relationships. This helps anticipate the needs of customers and stimulate user interest in the company.

One of the most relevant social networks in this regard, is LinkedIn. Purchased by Microsoft in 2016, it already has more than 500 million users (to learn more about users on the Internet and social networks, we recommend you click here). LinkedIn is no longer the network to “find work”. It has become a very useful tool for recruitment, marketing and sales. Optimizing its use can lead to the success of any online marketing strategy.

LinkedIn allows you to approach users and gain the trust of a variety of organizations. By spending just 30 minutes a day on this social network and studying our contacts, we can meet potential clients, check their educational background see contacts in common and how long they have been in a company, etc. This can help us identify their needs and interests. In addition to generating a strong brand presence.

It is important for a company to train people in the use of these tools and promote their activity with them. Not only for your business but also at a personal level. Do not forget that the first ambassadors of the brand are staff. If we provide them with the knowledge and relevant content to share we will also be strengthening our digital image.

There are also other techniques to optimize the use and profitability of social networks. The reality is that the change has come, aggressive selling styles are a thing of the past. Companies now must opt for persuasive arguments based on evidence. It is a significant challenge where the secret of success lies in listening, observing and interpreting the information we can obtain from social networks.

Now that you know the secret, are you ready to apply it?


Ana Lorena
Event Lead Assistant

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