How do you Launch Your Product Effectively? Organise a Triumphant Roadshow


26 Mar How do you Launch Your Product Effectively? Organise a Triumphant Roadshow

You’re going to launch a new product but you don’t know how to do so effectively? Organise an event, and not any event, a roadshow!

What’s a roadshow?

Basically, a roadshow is a travelling event that promotes products and trains distributors. It generates numerous benefits, including:

  • Considerable visibility and impact at local and global level as it gives you more direct contact with the audience, improving their experience of the brand.
  • It’s tailored to the language and culture of the country and is an opportunity to visit numerous locations and attract people interested in your product.
  • It’s an excellent strategy for approaching customers and creating a bond with your product. It gives you the opportunity to test products, ask questions, receive training and more as you will be in direct contact with your audience.
  • This live event means you aren’t just showcasing your product, you can create unique experiences and get answers directly from participants.

Numerous brands choose to promote products and present new releases in this way because roadshows are more than presentations. They are powerful events guaranteeing a great brand experience. For example, Marketo is looking to expand into new markets, network and increase brand visibility. It achieves all this through its roadshow.

What are the keys to a successful roadshow?


Intracon Spain has over 6 years’ experience organising roadshows and a very specialist team. This year we have:

– Travelled 16 countries
– Supported over 5,300 partners and clients
– Achieved a 95% attendance confirmation rate for next year and received positive feedback like this:

“Having Intracon as part of our team guarantees that our events are organised skilfully and backed by experience. They provide excellent support for products, technology, content, event planning and execution across EMEA as well as high standards and flexibility. This support has allowed us to successfully organise more than 140 events in the last 5 years.” Brian McKandie, HP EMEA PPS Channel Marketing.

We organised the first HP Partner First Roadshow in 2014 and we’ve already launched our first roadshow for this year: Train the Trainer. This event aims to train the trainers in the countries that will be visited by the roadshow in 2018, and to showcase new launches and updates directly to our distributors, giving them up-to-date training and certification of their knowledge.

Here’s a little glimpse of our Barcelona event. It was a great success and a wonderful start to the year.

Roadshows and their benefits are a golden opportunity for launching your product, presenting new features and acting with your potential or actual target directly, effectively and in a focused way. Obviously, it’s important to plan well to ensure you achieve your desired results. In fact, only agencies with enough experience and a strong team will be able to achieve a triumphant roadshow.

These are just some of the processes we use to set-up roadshows – there are actually so many more. Here are another 11 tips to help you organise your event. Feel free to leave a comment or question in the comments section. We’ll be delighted to help you. Roadshows? Our speciality. Help you? Our vocation.


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