3 Marketing Books to Read During Your Vacation

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10 Aug 3 Marketing Books to Read During Your Vacation

For some, vacation’s here. And for others, that sometimes implies the opportunity to catch up with their reading. People read not only to learn but to also enjoy a slew of other advantages including: reduced stress, increased empathy and general well-being. There’s also another important reason: reading gears you to business success. How do we know this? Because the most successful business people share a common characteristic: they read. And they read a lot. The great businessman Warren Buffet said that the secret to his professional success is that he reads between 600 and 1000 pages a day. Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year. And most CEOs read about 4-5 a month.

So in the spirit of successful entrepreneurship, below are some marketing bestseller books we believe are worth reading.

  1. How to Prepare a Social Media Marketing Plan by Pedro Rojas and María Redondo

Pedro Rojas and María Redondo are true social network gurus. Their marketing book in a pretty straightforward and easy to comprehend way explains how to create a social media plan from beginning to end. It includes tips and examples based on real cases that help clarify and grasp what social media is all about. Very useful if you want a clear understanding of how to approach anything social online. marketing books

  1. Pre-Suasion by Robert Cialdini

This marketing book deals with the art of persuading others in an effective way. Robert Cialdini explains his overall premise of persuasion: the moment just before receiving the message or, as he calls it, the “privileged moment for change.” He argues that the state in which the target reader finds himself just before receiving your message is the key to influencing him, and it’s the moment all marketing should be based on. We also recommend reading his other book, Influence. A classic and great marketing reference.

  1. What Customers Crave by Nicholas Webb

In this marketing book, Nicholas Webb helps you reevaluate how you understand and define your target audience. No age, geography, or socioeconomic status. Instead, Webb argues that any attempt to define your target for a marketing strategy should be based on two very basic concepts: what they hate and what they love. If you know what they hate and love, you can offer a service that fits their realities and, therefore, can achieve greater conversions. Highly recommended. marketing books

Now you have some juicy books to read during this vacation. In such a versatile and changing world, it’s essential to be familiar with new developments, trends and discoveries to be on top of your game. Maybe reading won’t give you automatic success. Maybe you won’t become the next Bill Gates after reading these books. But remember this: success goes hand in hand with tons of reading.

At Intracon we encourage you to be that bookworm, simply because we want to inspire you and are committed to leading you towards success. Do you have another book you recommend? If so, we invite you to share it with us in the comments section below.

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