Motion Graphics-an innovative technique to communicate and sell in B2B

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29 Oct Motion Graphics-an innovative technique to communicate and sell in B2B

What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a visual medium, made up of digital video or animation, or the combination of the two, with the concept of creating the illusion of movement through images, illustrations and typography.

Combining these elements with audio effects, and an integrated storyline can create a compelling multimedia project with visually intriguing concepts that reach out to and engage with customers on several levels.

Motion graphics is a technique that helps us overcome the limitations of our own reality; motion graphics can be shaped around conceptual ideas, it gives us free rein to create and imagine ideas outside the realm of our normal perception. It can open the door to a world of infinite possibilities, and this allows you to create more dynamic videos both in 2D and 3D, depending on the complexity and scope, and of course the needs and requirements of the project.

The complexity and challenges

The complexity can come in the initial conceptualisation of the project; creating a storyboard and narrative that breathes life into the animation is essential. The biggest challenge comes with setting the pace of the video that supports and galvanises the content; this is done using a soundtrack to establish setting, set the tone and create atmosphere.

It´s also fundamental to understand the working environment. Working within the 2D plane is of significant contrast to working within the 3D one, where the possibilities are tripled, along with the complexity. 3D graphics depend heavily on elements, such as materials, lighting and textures.

What makes motion graphics a compelling communication and sales tool for B2B?

Many B2B companies are now choosing motion graphics for the benefit and effectiveness in delivering a message that represents a brand, and to enhance social network engagement and drive traffic through the increasingly visual medium. A well-presented motion graphics video can cut through an overload of content and provide a well laid out message that clearly defines the goals of the company and addresses pain points.

It also allows the creation of high-quality pieces that tell a story, which can have an emotional impact on the viewer, concepts can be explained in more simple terms and supported by infographics and texts, which are a great resource to solve the graphic and visual needs of B2B audiences.

Here at Intracon Spain, we understand that by creating motion graphics, we can enhance and facilitate the digestion and assimilation of information and create memories in the audience´s mind. We show you an example of a video made by Intracon Spain in the following link: Watch Motion Graphics Video. motion-grpahics-video-intracon-spain

To complete this information, we recommend you to look at this interview we have made to Pedro Garcia, Senior Graphic Designer at Intron Spain and expert in Motion Graphics.



Anthony Bain
Content Developer at Intracon Spain

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