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About This Project

The Challenge

More than 80% of HP’s business is generated through third-party sales. HP’s partner strategy involving independent sales channels is one of the best-known global success stories. Sales of 3D printing solutions had to achieve the same success rate as sales in other divisions.

HP detected that the salespeople and partners operating in this channel had different knowledge levels and that it was not possible to certify their real knowledge of 3D printing products. The priority was to enable them to identify the competitive advantages of these products and effectively convey the benefits. The brand turned to Intracon to design a solution to train the different sales teams, standardise their knowledge and certify them.

The Solution

Intracon suggested that HP should update and improve the knowledge of its salespeople and partners. The challenge was to equip them with a technical understanding of the applications and enormous potential of 3D printing technology. To achieve this, a customised e-learning solution was developed for worldwide use that would also enable learners to achieve online certification.
This solution enabled HP to audit existing knowledge of its products and their applications. Consequently, only partners that obtained a minimum of three certificates per sales team would be allowed to sell its 3D printing solutions.

The Results

This e-learning solution was (and still is) a success at HP as a continual training resource for new salespeople. It has been confirmed that salespeople with the right training become 60–70% more effective when it comes to closing a sale. So, HP continues to consolidate itself as the leader in 3D printing and to expand its Global Reseller Program with dozens of new partners worldwide. These partners have been trained and certified to offer the customer a better experience and greater knowledge of the technology behind Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing. Following the success of the solution, HP and Intracon have continued to work together to create further e-learning programs to improve sales in other business units.

Marta Blanquer, WorldWide Training Manager for HP 3D Printing said: “Intracon makes an excellent contribution to enabling us to improve user experience on our e-learning platforms. The company has always been fully committed and we plan to keep working with them. They’re always ready to implement any last-minute changes that HP asks for.”

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