How To Look After a Premium Customer through After-Sales Service

Sales enablement
About This Project

The Challenge

30% of HP’s global sales are high-end computers. Its relationship with its premium customers is, therefore, essential. Keeping them satisfied is a key goal because customer satisfaction is an important component in cultivating loyalty. In this regard, HP didn’t have a special after-sales service that was fitting to the product range. So, the company turned to Intracon to come up with a way to improve relations with its premium customers. HP’s communications with that type of customer had to be different. And, in the after-sales service, this was even more important.

The Solution

Intracon found that lack of training was the main handicap among the agents on its post-sales team. These operators had been trained to communicate with any HP customer. But communications with a premium user required a more specific type of training.

To resolve this problem, and in view of the numerous post-sales teams in different worldwide locations, Intracon came up with an online training solution based on an explanatory video about how to approach relationships and dealings with this type of customer. An animated video based on storytelling techniques provided an entertaining and highly visual explanation of the historical evolution of markets and customer service. The video emphasised that, nowadays, agents increasingly need to develop soft skills for dealing with the best customers and showed the steps that agents should follow to manage telephone communications with a premium customer. In summary, in three minutes, Intracon outlined how to improve communications in premium after-sales service. The video was supported by a webinar with practical exercises involving role-plays for the salespeople. This gave them the opportunity to respond to the user’s needs in all the different situations they were likely to encounter.

The Results

After completing the specific training, more than 90% of the agents gave a positive response and approved it as a training method to enable them to serve premium users.

Sales teams with the right training are about 60% more efficient. In this specific case, follow-ups on customer satisfaction levels have shown sustained improvements in this area, which has made it possible for HP to consolidate its growth in this market segment.

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