How HP Doubled Sales Opportunities with an App

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About This Project


To hold its leading position as a technology flagship, HP needs to ensure its sales flow operates seamlessly. As an innovative company, they looked for alternatives to traditional paper-based catalogues, as the sales tools they were using had become obsolete and were no longer fit for purpose (Helping Salespeople Sell Efficiently). Their need was clear: to offer assessment to salespeople to understand the technical sophistication of the products and thus focus inherently challenging sales correctly. Salespeople urgently needed a tool to present their products digitally, that would always display the latest version of the product and be updated continuously.


At INTRACON, we realised that salespeople could increase sales if they were able to show a particular product in one digital location that could be accessed easily and navigated without difficulty. That’s why, after analysing what could offer the best digital solution, they decided to develop a customised app (Virtual Demo App) for the HP Design Jet and HP Page Wide XL models to help salespeople prepare customer visits and show them the product during a visit.

At INTRACON, we conceptualised the app, designed its content and oversaw programming. The work process focused on:

1. definition of needs;
2. usability (defining structure);
3. conceptualisation (graphics and content);
4. creation of content;
5. development;
6. testing and adjustments;
7. launch.


The advantages of the solution quickly became apparent to the sales team, which included:
• offering attractive product presentations and demonstrating its full potential;
• time saving through information being accessible and explained clearly;
• constantly updated content;
• personalised messages: only relevant information shown for particular customers; possibility of making comparisons with other machines to bolster choice of purchase;
• greater visual impact on potential customers through using video and other forms of multimedia instead of more traditional technical information;
• ideal tool for maintaining two-way communication;
• strengthened brand image by showing the latest developments with a modern and attractive design;
• improved management of documentation, available in one location and constantly updated;
• more precise analysis of data collected than that offered by other similar tools.


In the first months following the app’s launch, more than 6,000 downloads were registered, with over 600 active monthly users. These are high numbers, given the app is for internal sales use only. Uptake by the sales team was positive, both by the salespeople and distributors. Once the app’s success had been verified, it was rolled out to other business areas, on a worldwide scale. Thus Intracon transferred Expertise in App Development to sales in technological multinationals.

Teresa Montana, Marketing Manager at Latex HP, affirmed, “Intracon did a fantastic job helping us to structure all our content and develop the app for our sales team”. Ester Sala, Global Business Director, also stated, “It’s one of the sales tools we like the most”.

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