On Tour with Roche

About This Project

The Challenge

The cost of acquiring a new customer is estimated to be six to seven times higher than the cost of keeping an existing one. By investing just 5% more in customer retention, it is possible to achieve profit increases of between 5 and 95%, according to Flowtown. So, it seems that a loyal customer is worth their weight in gold. Roche, the pharmaceutical company, knows this.

Having invested nearly 10 billion euros in research and development, the Roche name has become synonymous with innovation. The company’s motto is: “finding innovative solutions”. This investment in research defines it as a company, which means that this information should be conveyed and properly explained to all potential customers.

The Solution

Through Intracon, Roche holds an annual roadshow in several of the Spanish regional capitals. During the event, experts from the multinational give after-lunch talks for a few hours to explain the company’s latest pharmacological advances. No new products are presented. The real reason for these roadshows is to stay in touch with the customer. They are designed for managers of hospitals, laboratories and public institutions that operate in the health sector.

Intracon has taken part in the Roche roadshow ever since the idea was first conceived. It was essential to work together from that early stage of the project to obtain the desired results. What is more, by working that way, a much higher level of added value is achieved.

Intracon was responsible for analysing the different formats and advising Roche on which would best suit its company culture and customer type. We were also responsible for managing and coordinating attendees, organising preparations and contractors, everything related to image and support tasks during the event. Mónica Oms, Event and Congress Manager at Roche was highly satisfied with Intracon’s “professionalism, meticulous management and effectiveness when it came to resolving issues that came up. We are really pleased with the services provided. You’re a genuine asset.”

The Results

The roadshow is the best formula that Intracon and Roche have found to enable the pharmaceutical company to stay in contact with its customers. And the formula works. That is why three roadshows took place in 2019 and the multinational is committed to continuing to expand these roadshows in online format over the coming months.
Mention should also be made of Roche’s high level of satisfaction with Intracon’s work. Jordi López, Marketing Services Manager at Roche was particularly pleased with “the creativity and digital solutions Intracon suggested for the different events that have taken place. This has enabled us to make our events even more professional and improve participant experience.”

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