A Good Video Is Twice As Good When It’s Short

About This Project

The Challenge

Dassault Systèmes, a 3D-design software company, produces complex programs that are highly technical. The distributors that market them sometimes struggle to exploit the potential and applicability of these programs.

Conscious of this issue, Dassault created an online training program for these partners and offered the courses as a reward for distributors that achieved a certain level of invoicing.

The problem was that when Dassault Systèmes sent out videos explaining what was involved in this online training for partners and invited the best salespeople to sign up, they didn’t respond as expected.

Dassault contacted Intracon to ask us to analyse the reasons behind the lack of engagement with its training videos. We concluded that the videos were too long and dense and that internal distribution was too restricting. The challenge was to create videos that would awaken interest among salespeople and lead to an increase in the number of sign-ups for the training.

The Solution

The first step was to convince the company to make public videos to increase the brand’s visibility on social networks. This change meant that the focus of the videos needed to turn more towards the company than the product.

Intracon suggested an initial introductory video to present the inner workings of the company, its offices and its departments and some of its projects while, at the same time, briefly explaining what the training involved.

The original video lasted 10 minutes. Intracon suggested that each video should be just over two minutes. This meant that it would be possible to circulate them on social networks and achieve wider distribution and higher engagement, which would make it easier for the sales department to promote the courses.

The Result

Intracon made five short videos to promote its training courses for partners. They focused on highlighting the advantages of these courses for distributors. The company was able to synthesise the message and take it directly to its target audience, which responded positively.

The Partner Development training courses offered greater knowledge of the product and emphasised the best practices for promoting it. The new videos managed to awaken interest among partners who, prior to that time, had been reluctant to sign up for training.

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