EPUB Documents: the Best Letter of Introduction for Salespeople

About This Project

The Challenge

Equipping salespeople with the best technological solutions to enable them to clearly convey their sales messages has always been a priority for HP. While working to ensure continual improvement, HP WorldWide identified a hole in its sales network: it needed a tool that unified all corporate content (solutions, products and services) to enable salespeople to quickly show it to their customers.

This wasn’t about producing a product catalogue, but a more comprehensive and interactive solution that could also be used as a letter of introduction for the brand. HP turned, once again, to Intracon, for help finding the best technological solution.

The Solution

It was clear to Intracon that what HP needed was a sales tool that would achieve two goals: be agile and have visual impact. The entire HP universe had to be transferred into a digital container that was easy to navigate so that salespeople could get to the page they wanted to show to their customer in just a few clicks.

The best way of offering all this content in a single place was to create a corporate presentation using the versatile EPUB format (electronic publication). But this had to be more than a simple presentation. HP needed a highly dynamic solution, with multimedia and interactive content, that salespeople could easily navigate and with the option to add data and fill in forms.

This tool serves as a letter of introduction and it contains corporate and product videos and infographics to make the content clearer and more attractive. What’s more, just as if it were a website, the online version of the EPUB format allows metric analysis, which makes it possible to measure reach, most visited pages, visit duration and more.

The project, developed by Intracon, involved several phases:

• designing the tree structure of the publication to ensure a smooth browsing experience;
• designing the content structure;
• designing the branding by creating mock-ups for each page;
• transferring all the content and the structure to a PPT to get a good idea of what the product would look like;
• proofreading and identifying possible errors in the text;
• moving all the content to EPUB format and adding interactivity.

The resulting publication has more than 200 slides and has been translated into four languages. The project was supported by webinars, also designed and created by Intracon, to teach salespeople how to use the resulting EPUB document.

The Result

The salespeople said that they were pleased to have a place that they could access from tablets to enable them to present any solution, product or service offered by HP. This comprehensive tool provides a visual and agile replication of the entire HP universe. All of this had a direct impact on their sales.

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