The Search for Lost Employee Engagement

About This Project

Companies are increasingly striving to look after their employees. An employee who feels valued in their work is more responsible and more productive. These companies are attempting to enhance employee engagement to contribute to the success of the organisation and to achieve their goals.

The Challenge

HP is a good example of a company that implements employee engagement strategies. In this regard, HP takes great care with its internal communications to be able to continuously assess levels of satisfaction and emotional commitment to the company. The top priority is for the employee to feel that they are being heard and valued. Using the company’s internal software, this is how HP came to detect that this connection with the company was diminishing.

VIA is a program that periodically asks employees about possible improvements in the company. Managers use the results obtained to try to look for solutions to improve satisfaction among their teams. However, a specific employee assessment was not being obtained for survey results or actions implemented. There was a communication failure. HP needed an attention-grabbing campaign to awaken interest among its employees and regain their emotional commitment.

The Solution

HP already knew that Intracon specialises in creating attention-grabbing communications. So, they called to ask us to design and run an internal communication campaign to show employees the work that the managers were doing to enable the company to show them more gratitude. That is how we came to suggest a communication campaign under the slogan “Thanks to You”. This campaign included designing the branding and a logo.

To ensure the campaign was well received and to measure results, we used Outlook to ask employees to save the date to make sure that they would all have time to read the survey results. All communications sent had a landing-page format that could be used to measure engagement results. The landing pages were designed and segmented based on topic and goal.

The Benefit

There was a 73% increase in attention paid to the content of this campaign. The goal of getting HP employees to recognise the work carried out by HP managers was achieved and they were satisfied with the improvement measures that the company was implementing. In the words of Enric Margall, HP Strategic Planner and Program Manager: “our employees felt that, beyond taking note of their feedback, we were using it to inspire our work.” Margall highlighted the high impact that the campaign had and, in particular, its professional approach and visual creativity.

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