Training for Industry 4.0

About This Project

The Challenge

Industry has been undergoing major changes for several years now. There is a lot of talk about Industry 4.0 but not all companies are ready to make the leap and their professionals are not all suitably trained. In Spain, for instance, 68% of industrial companies are in a medium or low state of digitalisation.

One solution therefore lies in making training available to companies and their professionals. Last September, Eurecat, an organisation that supplies companies with differential and innovative technology, launched the Eurecat Academy website. The goal of this website was to offer a full range of training for professionals working in business and industrial sectors. Eurecat soon realised that the focus of the website needed work: it offered plenty of information but it wasn’t oriented towards converting users into buyers of the training offered.

The Solution

When Eurecat brought in Intracon, the challenge was clear: the informative website had to be transformed into a converting website, one capable of attracting the attention of professionals interested in making the leap into Industry 4.0.

The product offered on the website had to be promoted to the target customer through a more direct route. This meant reformulating the identity of the Eurecat Academy sub-brand and creating a new website that would achieve the goal of getting new leads.

The project involved several phases. As part of the strategic consultation, the structure of the website was clearly defined. At the same time, work started on the branding of the new sub-brand, graphic design and corporate identity, including a logo that was an evolution of the one used by the mother brand.

Once the entire website had been planned, it was designed and all of the accompanying text and images were uploaded, in addition to the infographics that were specially created to display the explanatory content more visually. Since delivery of the website, periodic maintenance has ensured it remains optimised.

The Result

The new Eurecat Academy website improves user experience by being more user-friendly. This enables professionals who need technological training to find what they are looking for.

For Marc Capellades, Manager of Eurecat Academy, the website “has been designed with an extremely practical approach and a great deal of academic rigour,” in a context “defined by digitalisation for industry 4.0 and the emergence of highly disruptive technologies”.

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