Lead Hunting

About This Project

The Challenge

Our customer offers advanced technological solutions to support companies undergoing digital transformation. It is one of the largest multinationals that specialise in business management software development (CRM and ERP). Its sales channel is through partners like Marketing Worldwide, which promote service packages in different countries. They analysed their results and observed an imbalance when it came to capturing leads. Their campaigns were not working as expected in countries like Spain, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The company had to find a way to penetrate these markets.

So, it got in touch with Intracon to ask us to design a different, innovative and daring campaign that would pique the interest of CEOs, CFOs and HR directors.

The Solution

The campaign involved using different digital channels to promote a full range of service packages. The customer’s requirement was clear: “be daring”. So, when the Intracon marketing team sat down to think, they clearly saw that the first task was to rebrand, to move the focus onto packages, and to come up with a slogan and images for each country. One stipulation was that the campaign should have an impact. They therefore had to innovate when it came to format and look for the best way to connect with decision-makers.

The campaign consisted of a series of messages based on animated GIFs and videos. It used a creative format with high visual impact. The content of the messages was directly aimed at the buying behaviour of the target customer and it was based on a question-answer structure. In fact, the slogan already raised an important question for the target: “Time not on your side?”

The question was used as the basis for the rest of the messages, which related to the solutions that executives were seeking and which were applicable to financial management and human resources. It was important to clearly show the benefits that the solutions were offering customers:
• time optimisation and efficiency;
• strategic guidance;
• attainment of financial and sales data with a direct impact on the business;
• competitive price.

The campaign was distributed across several digital channels. A great deal of focus was placed on achieving positioning on Google through AdWords campaigns (SEO and SEM) and using social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. We also added a display on Google to promote the different segmented packages. The final step in the operation was a retargeting campaign.

The Result

We achieved the goal: capture enough leads to increase sales. In fact, based on Intracon’s calculations, 5% of the leads generated were converted into sales. This rebranding campaign also generated a positive impact and increased the value of the brand.

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