Keep moving to stay relevant virtual event

About This Project

The challenge:

Every year, HP organises the Partner First Roadshow, a series of events taking place across 20 countries in the EMEA region. Through this, HP aims to keep its main allies in its sales channels up to date with its best solutions and products and to certify them as official distributors of the brand.

This marketing event has been running for almost 12 years. Intracon has been working alongside HP for 10 years, managing and running these events. We handle all the creative conceptualisation, branding design, strategic planning and logistics, the installation of products and demos, right up to the production of the events and the analysis of results.

However, in 2020 this all changed. Physical events were cancelled practically all over the world and for a moment one of the most important trade marketing projects for this company in the EMEA region was in limbo. We knew how important it was to maintain our connections with our clients and offer them different possibilities to become certified and stay up to date with HP’s products and solutions, even under these extraordinary circumstances.

The solution:

Our team got to work and, in record time, transformed a concept completely based on offering a “hands-on” experience into a 100% digital idea.

To do so, we had to completely redesign the content, adapt it to make it attractive in a virtual environment and exhaustively analyse the platforms that offered the most beneficial features to users and allowed for interactions adapted to the concept. We also established a streaming studio in our headquarters in Germany, including all of HP’s products and solutions, as well as setting up the necessary structures and delivering training to everyone involved from HP, at all levels and in different countries, in order to connect various people in different locations around the globe simultaneously. We were conscious that we were in a situation in which our clients were also having to adapt to a new technological reality, making things more complex.

It involved an immense effort, but the main thing that made it work was a team of highly committed professionals and, thanks to an efficient, intelligent strategy, the whole project was transformed in record time.

The result:

Currently, the content is being delivered 100% virtually, with a satisfaction rate of 98%. Running virtual events has given us the opportunity not only to maximise the number of participants in certain countries, but to increase the number of countries the content was delivered to, from 20 countries in 2019 to 30 in 2020, and all within just 4 months. As well as doubling the number of participants and certifications in each country and maximising the content’s reach, this has meant that HP has stayed in contact with their clients and network of distributors, and let them know about updates to help maintain their loyalty.

That’s how we’ve managed to make the most of an unexpected situation that’s turned all our worlds upside-down.

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