Neuraxpharm: Managers as Captains of Change

About This Project

The Challenge

In 2016, the pharmaceutical company Qualigen acquired the Spanish company Neuraxpharm and changed its name. Today, Neuraxpharm is a large pharmaceutical company that operates in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and, following its recent acquisition of the company Farmex, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

But the beginnings of this transformation were confusing for employees. Entities with different professional histories had to standardise criteria and all of them had to adopt a new business culture. Any merger or company acquisition involves an adaptive phase where employees have to overcome duplication and any conflicts that arise.

That’s why Neuraxpharm turned to Intracon for help in coming up with an efficient strategy for the transition.

The Solution

Intracon knew that the key to ensuring that the teams would adapt to the new company lay in training the managers and decision-makers. For this reason, we suggested a roadmap with defined stages. This change management plan had to make managers into leaders of the new culture or, in other words, captains or ambassadors of change, for the rest of the organisation. The employees of the different companies in the group would follow the ambassadors and perceive the brand Neuraxpharm as their own.

But how do you make managers into captains of change? Intracon decided to design a corporate event created only for managers under the slogan “Be a Captain of Change”. For two and a half days, more than 50 managers belonging to subsidiaries from different countries were brought together in the same space, in an unbeatable setting, beside the sea on the Costa Brava, to combine meetings with other activities that were fitting to this concentration of talent.

During the event, they were taught how to plan from macro-strategy to micro-action so that they’d be able to efficiently convey the strategic goals of the company’s transformation and what was involved in the change. Many of the planned activities were designed to create connections between the managers and foster a climate of cooperation and creativity. The days combined unwinding and effort, entertainment and commitment and relaxation and activation. Each specific activity had to achieve a goal that was measured qualitatively and quantitatively through previously established KPIs.

Not only did Intracon design and run all of these activities but, as usual, it was responsible for coordinating all of the logistics from scratch (hotels, catering, hosts and hostesses, materials, transport and attendance).

The Result

The Neuraxpharm group has now started to implement some of the suggestions that its managers made during the event. This shows that the event achieved its goal and that communicating change is a cross-company project that synchronises the different group subsidiaries. At time of writing, this multinational has a workforce of more than 700 employees and it markets its products in more than 50 countries. On this basis, Intracon carefully and attentively planned each of the phases to ensure the right atmosphere was generated, with actionable and implementable results.

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