Product Launch

About This Project


HP launched their HP DesignJet T200 & T600 printers in September 2020. The main challenge faced by the company consisted in positioning their printers favourably for the target audiences and communicating effectively, both internally and externally, the printers’ features, unique selling points and benefits.

The challenge involved conveying the values of the company as well as highlighting the values of the printers, which include sustainability, sophisticated design, innovation, technology, simplicity and practicality for everyday use in the workplace.

HP asked Intracon to develop communication materials that would announce the product launch and position the product to generate engagement and achieve the forecast sales objectives.


Intracon produced three visually appealing and descriptive brochures, which highlighted the main values HP wanted to convey with the product launch.

• The first brochure showcases both printers.
• The second brochure focuses on the HP DesignJet T200 & T600 printers.
• The third brochure talks about reasons to upgrade.

Intracon developed the communication materials’ structure and textual content, as well as the graphics.

Each brochure had different objectives. Therefore, they used a selection of formats that were tailored for several target audiences, focusing on the relevant information to emphasise key points.


Intracon produced three short brochures, and the graphic design and presentation of information was strategically important in piquing the interest of, and conveying relevant messages to, the various target audiences.

Publicising the printers, explaining their differences and outlining the opportunity for upgrade were essential for a successful product launch. The key to success lay in understanding the sales objectives and bringing together the sales messages to convey the information visually and appealingly.

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