Brand Transformation: Go Global Travel

About This Project

The Challenge

A brand represents an organisation’s identity. But, in addition to being known, brands have to be recognisable. Their image must be coherent with their message and values and it should be easy to connect it to the brand. It’s important for a brand to be itself. But it must also be able to present itself in a way that ensures it’s perceived and remembered.

And in the professional tourism sector, where service and efficiency are key, it’s essential to ensure that a brand is globally coherent. Our customer, Go Global Travel, is a platform that provides services to companies that operate in the travel industry, including travel agents and tour operators worldwide.

When Go Global Travel wanted to update its corporate brochure, it found that the company wasn’t following a clear global communication strategy and that each office was representing the brand based on its own criteria. The company needed a style guide to unify graphical representation of the brand, update its style and reinforce the image of a global company

The Solution

When Go Global Travel called Intracon, our first task was to analyse all of its communicational elements to check whether the company’s image was coherent with the values that it wanted to convey. We had to look at all of its communication tools to assess whether its image aligned with its messages. The result was telling: there was no style guide or communication strategy. This meant we had to start almost from scratch and update the brand’s corporate image.

Given that the brand was well positioned in the market, major changes weren’t necessary. The key lay in comprehensively analysing the brand’s intrinsic values and looking for the best way to convey them through an image, colours and a modern graphical style.

Intracon created a document for use as a guide for all offices, regardless of their location. It was a sort of manual that was used to present the company’s new graphical identity. There was a new logo (with its colour variations and their different applications), a new corporate font (Galano Grotesque, which conveys elegance and sobriety), the brand’s colours (green and black with touches of yellow) and a selection of images (clear, minimalist and with high contrast).

Each Go Global Travel office had to display the brand’s updated image everywhere, from on the shop’s sign to on the employees’ pencils. Finally, Intracon Spain created a detailed guide on how to use the graphical elements and analysed possible present and future needs.

The Result

Go Global Travel got a more coherent brand, which generated more trust and, subsequently, more sales. Besides this, by having a single style guide at all of its offices, its employees felt more connected to the brand, which increased their association with its specific values and strengthened their feeling of belonging to the organisation.

For Javier García, Chief Sales Officer at Go Global Travel, Intracon’s help gave them “a push to keep growing in the sector. It was one of the elements that we needed to consolidate our positioning and strengthen the work of our partners. From the start, Intracon was able to capture the values that we wanted to get across. Now, they’re all written down in a brand manual that’s going to enable us to make our actions more consistent and improve recognition of our company philosophy.”

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