Creative Webinars for Training Salespeople

Sales enablement
About This Project

The Challenge

HP’s B2B printing solutions are at the forefront of innovation. But salespeople often need to go into detail on the applications, advantages and functioning of these complex printers because buyers are becoming increasingly well informed. A good example of this was a new series of industrial photo printers that HP had just launched.

The Solution

The multinational came to Intracon to find a solution for training its salespeople on this new product. It was essential to teach them exactly how to highlight the competitive advantages of these printers compared to the ones offered by competitors.

The solution was a two-hour webinar, a live online workshop that allowed student-teacher interaction. Intracon’s idea was to design a webinar that was as dynamic as possible. It came up with a story to give the training session structure based on creating a series of animations (a presenter and two comic strips, one about pirates and another about superheroes and villains) and even included an element of gamification. This engaging training session captured the full attention of attendees.

The online session was presented by Murielle, one of HP’s expert technicians, and it was entitled Face the Fear. Using this method, salespeople were trained to stand up to the competition, a specific printer model from Canon, in this case. During the entire session, the sales professionals were able to ask questions if they were unsure about something.

The Result

All of the 120 HP salespeople who took part in the webinar were highly satisfied. More than 90% of them confirmed that the training had been useful for their work and said that they would recommend it as a training method.

This result is particularly important where innovative products and services are concerned. In these cases, the secret is to make salespeople into troubleshooters for the customer’s problems. In B2B, where people are a key part of the transaction, a trained salesperson generates a higher customer return rate, a longer customer life cycle and more cross-sales.
In the wake of the webinar’s success, HP and Intracon have worked together to develop further webinars to improve sales of other HP products.

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