Worldwide Channel Event: HP Presents Its Latest Products

About This Project

The Challenge

For nearly 20 years now, HP has been holding a macro-event where it invites its global resellers and salespeople to spend a few days learning about the year’s most important product and seeing how it works in person. This B2B event is called the Worldwide Channel Event and it’s become a great success.

B2B events are essential for developing the ecosystem of sales channels and points of contact with prospective customers. But organising an event as big as this, with 1,000 attendees from more than 50 countries, is very complicated. Good management is a must. Given that Intracon has now managed six Worldwide Channel Events, it’s clear that the agency has what it takes to successfully overcome this complex challenge.

The Solution

HP is one of the largest technological firms in the world and Sant Cugat is the location of its R&D centre specialising in large-format and 3D printers. So, it’s certainly a good place to showcase HP’s innovations and tomorrow’s printers. Catalonia has now been the location of several editions of the Worldwide Channel Event and, at the last event, a hotel in El Vendrell played host to more than 1,000 HP customers from all over the world who came to discover the company’s latest products.

Intracon’s team (15 people were assigned to the event) was responsible for all of the organisational and managerial tasks. This meant that HP could focus on looking after its guests and closing sales. It took months to prepare for this event. Once a plan was in place, the agency started work on designing the event (talks, presentations, workshops and visits) and on making sure that the different activities planned would go smoothly.

Intracon’s most important tasks included:
• Designing the event.
• Organisation: looking for hotels and presentation spaces.
• Technical installations: network, installing machinery and so on.
• Developing the branding.
• Content development, graphic design and signage.
• Designing the website and a special app for the event.
• Organising special events, like themed evenings.
• Finding technology experts to give specialist presentations.
• Developing technical content for the product workshops.
• Budgetary control.
• And much more.

The Result

The complexity of managing these events, while staying within budget and generating a good return on investment for HP, has made Intracon the trusted partner of the technology brand for organising its global annual meetings. Intracon has been HP’s trusted strategic partner for more than 20 years and, each year, the relationship gets stronger. The testimonials prove this.

Joan Pérez, Global Head GSB Solutions at HP, highlights: “not only does Intracon have an excellent team that develops all the content that gives shape to the entire event, but it also organises the logistics through well-coordinated teamwork, with everyone working together as one.”

But Intracon’s management of the event isn’t all that HP’s managers value: “Intracon has specialist technical speakers who help us when it comes to presenting the product. They’re experts in business and product, which means they play a key role in producing the part of the content that we share with our customers. Having access to this technical support represents a great deal of value for us,” concludes Ester Sala, Global Business Director at HP.

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