Intracon sales app: an effective and a powerful sales tool


31 Oct Intracon sales app: an effective and a powerful sales tool

Who doesn’t like a good story that’s well told? A story with a message that holds fast. But sometimes you need that inspiration to really get you in the mood for the sales pitch of the century. It’s a cold, grey and miserable late December evening and you’re on the way to get that sale in the bag before the holiday break. Inspiration is in short supply. But you do have the perfect pick me up that’s going to turn misery into rapture. No heaving folders and slippery brochures. It’s just you, your iPad or tablet and a tailored made story that almost tells itself. Tone, perfect pitch and music to the ears of the client you have personalized this story for. Christmas is around the corner with your custom Sales App! You have the right material at your fingertips to cover every possible query in an instant. It handles so well. Navigating those tricky sales curves is instinctive.

Don’t succumb to the typical sales fail traps, not having the right answers instantaneously. Clients expect and deserve it. You may have the right response at the top of your tongue, great. But you have this and a lot more at the touch of a button. Its intuitive from the word go. Not only simple to manage, it’s visually stunning and dressed to impress through a mix of beautifully crafted graphics, striking animation and precise language. With updates in real time to the app and email alerts, you know you can depend on the reliability of the info. You have your back covered for every eventuality. All information is referenced, cross-referenced and studied in full anticipation of clients’ queries. No excuse for out of date data at the bottom of your battered briefcase. You leverage your talents as a professional, prepared, deal closer. The custom sales app does the rest.

So, what are the features that are going to bring your Christmas even closer? For starters, your client will have a stimulating visual account of the product(s) they are interested in. With the touch of a screen they can go under the hoodviewing from all anglesrotating 360º from front to side and back. With featured hotspots pinpointed throughout you can zoom in on features and access:
• Data sheets
• User guides
• Comparative data with similar products and competitors’ offerings
• Video and animated guides
• FAQs

Focused squarely on your sales needs you have your elevator pitch fully prepared for every visit. No gimmicks just an effective and powerful sales tool that’s exceptionally easy to use. Intracon sales apps have been developed in close partnership with client technology leaders requiring a centralized hub for technical sales and a single source of documentation. The app can be applied across the full portfolio of technologies and engineered to suit any business product. It´s a universal sales solution. Intracon. Inventing custom sales technology.


Seamus Keating
Content Developer

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