Sales Tools 4.0


12 Nov Sales Tools 4.0

Traditional catalogues and brochures are giving way to new formats that will allow sales personnel to concentrate on what really matters: listening to the client.

In the B2B world, when we visit potential clients there are two things that will decide the future of our relationship: our brand image, and the person representing it. We can give both of those a boost by using digital sales formats that allow us to demonstrate our expertise in all its glory, making the most of everything that technology can offer us, depending on our objectives.

Salespeople really appreciate being able to demonstrate different solutions using innovative formats. The most useful resources for creating documents that are part of a sales strategy are interactive PDFs, PowerPoints, Epub and Apps.

At Intracon, we collaborate with the client to develop strategies so that we can achieve the predicted results. Good design and planning allow them to efficiently transmit and communicate nuanced, personalised messages in accordance with the strategy that we’ve established.

The interactive PDF is a format that allows us to include interactive elements so that the viewer can click on the information they find most interesting. This format can include videos and downloadable documents.

Another option is a PowerPoint. As well as including all of the above, you can add GIFs or cinemagraphs (photographs that move) that are very effective for demonstrating the effects of certain services or products.

This leading program has been on the market for more than 30 years and has become a well-consolidated sales tool. Another advantage of PowerPoint is that it allows you to create templates and add in different elements whilst maintaining the corporate image. What’s more, you can create more complex animations that increase visual impact on the audience.

 Epub is a format that was originally designed for books, which allows us to take quality to the next level. On top of all the visual and graphic possibilities it offers, it’s designed to meet longer, more complex content requirements in digital or downloadable formats, which makes it far easier to share.

It also allows us to track the way people interact with and use the document. Epub provides detailed data and statistics that help us understand our potential clients’ purchasing process.

Last but not least comes an extremely sophisticated tool that allows us to have a big impact on both clients and salespeople thanks to how easy it makes it to manage information, its visual possibilities and the complexity of its resources: the App.

For example, imagine an App that our sales personnel and clients could use that has automatic information and product updates. It could have images and videos demonstrating solutions in a practical format, extra documents and technical files that we could consult to be able to answer any questions that might come up, and usage analytics.

It would be a bidirectional tool that can be downloaded from any app store. It would be responsive and work on various devices, sending notifications to users whenever we want them to open the app.

At Intracon we use all of our expertise in the B2B sector to create relevant sales tools that will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to client experience. We analyse needs and aims in order to design the most suitable tools, whether for a sales team or for end clients.


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