Solutions for Improving Your Sales Cycle

Improving Your Sales Cycle

01 Dec Solutions for Improving Your Sales Cycle

Are you providing your sales team with the resources they need? Are the resources you’re giving them useful? Are they using these resources properly? We’ve noticed that lots of customers ask us to improve their product or service sales cycle, but that they only focus on one particular part of their cycle. They fail to take into account the importance of involving the whole organisation, with the aim of steering everyone in the same direction, with a common goal.

We can help you design a presentation that will wow your future customers. Believe me, we’re experts 😉. But what’s the point if, when you have to continue demonstrating you’re their best choice, you don’t have the right tools?

Here’s an example of a recent case. A leading multinational company in the technology industry produced great content, but their sales network was swamped with information. So much so, it was causing a logjam. The salespeople were bombarded with information, without structure, without feedback. Their manager oversaw how these tools were being used, although no-one had any formal certification by the company to use them properly. In short, too much information and a lack of motivation. Add to this the current situation of a global pandemic where all meetings are conducted online or via telephone.

The needs were obvious. The salespeople urgently needed a tool to present their products digitally, which would always display the latest version of the product and be continuously updated.

Solution: we designed a personalised App containing organised content, which enabled the salespeople to find answers easily, when required. What’s more, we created a certification system to ensure the salespeople can use the information properly. We also formulated reports on their progress, their use of the App and the profitability of the tools and content.

But we didn’t stop there. Once you’ve got your potential customer interested and have convinced them to choose your company, you need to promote customer loyalty. The after-sales service is as important, if not more important, than getting the customer in the first place. But it often gets overlooked. Do you realise what a positive effect a recommendation from a satisfied customer can have?

At Intracon, we look for solutions at every stage of the sales cycle so that absolutely nothing gets overlooked.

Do you need to strengthen, train, digitalise or empower your sales team?

Together we’ll analyse what the best strategy is. Then we’ll decide what the best solutions are – Apps, e-learning, webinars, Epubs, qualifications, sales documentations, etcetera.

Drop us a line here, and let’s start the new year with a strategy for success.

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