Storytelling: A powerful way to inspire action


26 Nov Storytelling: A powerful way to inspire action

Storytelling is a powerful way to inspire action; it allows us to connect with people on an emotional level. Since the dawn of man, we have been infusing stories into everyday life. It brings us together, it transcends reality and allows us to disconnect from our daily lives for a short immersive moment. Before the event of radio or television, people would tell stories by the fire; these stories would usually be infused with examples of morality, they worked as a moral compass for the audience.

Crafting stories for learning and inserting them into content allows the information being portrayed, using tension, drama, and emotion to resonate with the audience. A story is, after all, a portal to another existence. Stories give us a break from our own lives to feel beyond our standard range of everyday emotions. Imagine a Hollywood film you´ve seen that had a profound effect on you. The movie creeps up on you in quiet moments, the plot teases and prods at you while you try to sleep. The film may have made you happy, it may have made you sad, but the effect is real, and it makes you feel emotion outside of your everyday life, this is the hallmark of a cleverly devised and intelligent plot.
To correctly tell a good story and infuse that story into learning, there is a 3-pillar structure to follow to ensure you have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand. First, there is the hook; this is the moment where the audience gets taken unaware; grabbing their attention and keep it long enough for them to engage with the content, will pay dividends. The next step is the introduction of a challenge. The audience is faced with a problem, how will they solve it? What lessons will they learn along the way that will allow them to transcend the problem and lead them to a logical conclusion? The resolution comes as a finale; the audience has interacted with the storyline, beaten the odds and reaped the glory.

The story has been told, and if it’s been told well, then it will resonate through them long enough for them to have learned a very valuable lesson.


Anthony Bain
Content Developer

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