Six Questions You Need to Ask Your Video Content

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04 Sep Six Questions You Need to Ask Your Video Content

Did you know that landing pages with videos generate 800% more conversions than those without them? In fact, videos generate 69% of web traffic. In other words, video content is a key element to your company’s communication & marketing strategy because (among other reasons) it helps transmit your company’s values, reach out and attract more potential customers.

Videos can be extremely versatile and can be aimed at a specific audience or purpose. Despite that versatility, however, there are some basic questions that must be asked when creating visual content.

  •             It is original? In addition to offering value, the strategic reason for having original content is that not having it will make you rank worse in search engines. Google penalizes duplicate content.
  •             Is it informative and educational? We are visual beings, and 65% of us learn through what we see. It’s important, therefore, that your video content offers information of interest, solutions and answers to the questions and objections of your audience.
  •             Is it aimed at a specific audience? It’s key to always consider the audience you are targeting and write scripts for that particular audience. If not, no one will feel identified with your message as it will lack direction and purpose.
  •             Is it true and honest? Your audiovisual content helps reflect your brand and gives you credibility and authority. Not fact-checking your information can cost you dearly, so it’s a good idea to double check that the information you’re giving is accurate.
  •             Does it pursue a goal? To get the results you want, it’s pretty important to know where you’re headed. It may be a short-term goal, such as provide a visual tool for a training. Or it may be in the long run, like how to improve the perception of your brand.
  •             Does it tell a story? Humans communicate through stories, especially those that appeal to emotions. Videos have the advantage of being able to actually show the emotions, and therefore connect almost instantaneously with the observer. As a result, videos can help your customers relate to your product or brand in a meaningful way.

Given the importance and effectiveness of video content, including them within your content strategy gives you an advantage over your competition that isn’t up to speed.

But creating videos is complex, so it’s also important to have a team that backs up the whole process of video content making: script writing, recording, directing, editing, post production, etc. At Intracon we have a team committed to always creating the best content possible, and we’re here to help you generate that impact that will make you stand out more. If you’d like to know more, we invite you to leave a comment or contact our team directly.

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