The voice to guide your sales team


08 May The voice to guide your sales team

Voiceovers are all around us, from train stations to film trailers, from automated switchboards to YouTube explainer videos. They fit harmoniously into our modern lives. A lot of the time we barely notice them, they exist in the background, acting as our inner voice, our conscience guiding us to what we do or where we need to go.

Voiceovers are a dominant force in creative media today, and like other areas of the entertainment industries, they have moved into digital territory.

New technologies have enabled voiceover artists to evolve in the digital age to produce studio quality final products, and they can do so virtually anywhere they happen to be with a range of bespoke tools and software at their disposal.

When choosing the right voice over for your project, it is essential to identify the kind of content you are presenting to your audience.

Here at Intracon Spain, we work daily with a range of voiceover artists, and we have identified three key areas to focus on when looking for the right artist for your sales enablement project.

  1. The subject

The subject matter is key, and it is essential to know the content you’re working with.

Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

Is the content aimed at technical staff?

A simple explainer video?

Or, perhaps something more adventurous and fun?

For technical matters, your voiceover artist will need to be informative, positive and have the kind of voice that keeps the audience engaged and immersed in the story.

For a how-to-demo video or a PowerPoint presentation with a long list of complicated ingredients or a multisyllabic soup of high-tech jargon, the voiceover can act as a guide through a labyrinth of technical terminology.

A simple explainer video needs charisma and the ability to connect with the audience. The voiceover artist should have the tonality of a radio host who´s warm dulcet voice enables the audience to sit back, relax and enjoy an informative video that progresses their learning.

If you’re going down the multi-character epic journey route, then a multi-talented cast of voiceover characters are needed to make sure it’s a memorable and informative adventure, giving the audience the opportunity to suspend belief for a few minutes and infuse some fun to the narration. Even when addressing a serious message to convey about data protection or how to provide the right level of service to an important customer, regardless of the content, you can still weave a story around it and allow the voiceover artists to do what they do best.

2. The Audience

You´ll need to do some research here.

Are you reaching out to Millennials or boomers?

To factory workers or executives?

To native English speakers or English as a second or third language learners?

It´s a minefield to navigate, but it’s all relevant. To give an example: if your audience is a group of highly-skilled programmers looking to progress their knowledge under budget and time constraints, they may not appreciate a cartoon explainer video with a cast of pirates. Instead, they should be orientated towards a highly-skilled voiceover artist who is able to manoeuvre their way through a complex list of technical configurations and specs.

  1. The Artist

A voiceover artist speaks directly to the audience and can help you, as a business, provide a long-lasting relationship with your audience that will pay dividends for years to come.

To keep up with demand and remain competitive, voiceover artists are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, having to take on the role of audio engineers and editors to deliver a complete final product.

Here at Intracon Spain, we are great believers in championing upcoming voiceover artists for our projects and regularly work with a host of professionals from around the world who provide studio quality recordings from their homes. It is, after all, their voice talents that breath life into our projects.


Anthony Bain
Content Developer at Intracon Spain

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